Loonshine - Developed nearly three centuries ago by an alcoholic werewolf, Loonshine is lethal for a human to consume but does the job of getting lycans and shifters pleasantly inebriated. Rather than its name being just a play on the popular alcoholic beverage 'moonshine', Loonshine also garners its name from those who drink too much of it losing control of their faculties randomly, causing random bursts of laughter and usually at the worst possible moment. Surprisingly, Loonshine possesses a floral scent and comes out of the bottle as a rather thick silver liquid that has earned its nickname as the Giggle Syrup. It is also, curiously, quite inflammable. Instead, when pressed to flame, Loonshine will bubble and evaporate.

The process of making Loonshine is a closely guarded secret held by the Hair of the Dog Brewing Company. Although rumors, namely from competitors, state that Loonshine is distilled from usually unsavory sources. When pressed to the question, distillers working for the HDBC will merely state "From Syrup!" in increasingly frantic tones. As if they didn't know..

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