A gentleman, be he a noble, a wealthy merchant, a knight of the Kingdom, is not always going to be riding about clad in armor and draped in steel chain. There are certain occasions when he will be forced to don his finer attire, and pay attention to the small details, such as the disposition of his doublet, the turn of his tunic and the lacing of his hose. But such gentlemen are never completely assured of their protection at such soiree. Being unarmed and unarmored, and often bereft of their retinues, bodyguards (save for perhaps a single manservant or man at arms) they are considered easier targets. It is also considered scandalous and insulting to appear at such a social gala in armor, underarmor, bearing weapons, or traveling with a group of obvious soldiers and mercenaries. Such actions insult the host of the event, as the guest is obviously dubious of their host's security and hospitality. Secondly, the gentleman so insecure in his own martial prowess that he requires a vangard at a dance and feast is going to be a subject of laughter and ridicule.

So it is that magical jewelry will appear. These pieces of magical decoration serve two very important functions: being fashionable and conveying magical protections to their wearer. The oldest of these lordly magical rings are known as the Gentlemens' Rings of Fortitude. These are large ornate men's rings, with wide bands. There is never a central jewel or setting in these rings, and some can be cleverly carved and shaped metal, always precious, and when precious stones are present, they are small, in number, and usually part of bands or greater patterns. The interesting thing about the Gentlemens' Rings of Fortitude is that they can be linked together.

Individually each ring itself is rather thin, but when you put them together, usually a fashionable maximum of 5 of the smaller bands, their magical effects are stacked, and a variety of rings of different function can be put together. These type of rings add a bonus to the defense of the wearer, either tied to a natural armor attribute, or an increased defensive score, depending on game system.

Some other potential rings to add into the band mix:

Ring of Truth Detection

Ring of Evading Difficult Questions

Ring of Suave Charm for the Ladies

Ring of Poise and Grace

Ring of Drunkeness Detection

Ring of Alcohol Negation

Ring of Warding: Perspiration

Ring of Warding: Stomach Illness

Ring of Dancing

Ring of Boudoir Potency (a must have)

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