There is a joke that perfectly exemplifies GPSSD.

A woman is watching a news report and the reports claims that there is a deranged man, driving his car on the wrong side of the interstate, and that is creating a condition of extreme peril. Obviously concerned, the woman calls her husband and tells him that there is a madman driving on the wrong side of the road.

His response is to yell 'One guy going the wrong way, every asshole on the road is going to wrong way, what the fuck!"

The humor lies in the fact that the woman's husband is in fact, the man on the road going the wrong way. When confronted with this information, his response is strong and loud, he isn't wrong, its everyone else who is. This is the fulcrum of GPSSD.

What is Gamma PSSD

Gamme PSSD is one of many mass hysteria/social dysphoria disorders that came about during the full integration of the Hypernet, and the first stages of the 3rdNet. One of the flaws with early ventures into Social Media was the creation of echo chambers, social circles that repeated the same sentimentality, creating a virtual commune of like minded people. This was not an issue in the first years, when the chambers were focused around niche interests and hobbies, such as old books or fly fishing. The problem came when echo chambers formed supporting deviant behaviors, and aberrant behaviors. The first strikes back against this came from groups embracing highly offensive topics in an attempt to normalize them, ranging from pedophilia, to hardcore drug use, to sexual sadism and targeted degradation and exploitation.

At the time, technology and communications were improving, at the same pace social dynamics and the civil society were starting to disintegrate. The problem really started ramping up when the echo chambers started becoming amplifying chambers, and instead of just repeating, they started growing. The most malignant ideals, and the most socially destructive ideals flourished, and it overlapped with a specific cultural period where tolerance and acceptance was being pushed to its absolute extreme. Because of this, many of the millennia old check systems, biologically adapted over countless generations, were forced into submission. As the rate of Socio-Deviance increased, cultural cohesion began to fray. Cultures fragmented, and sub-fragmented. Once strong groups fell to balkanized socio-fuedal organizations.

Gamma Disorders really gained traction when people in a gamma socio-heirarchial position were able to translate their message of 'it's not my fault, it's the world that's wrong' and fed it into social media amplifier chambers. As larger and larger numbers of people adopted this gamma position mentality, and started pushing for change, it created a stunning number of problems, and some believe that undiagnosed and undocumented GPSSD had a crucial role in fomenting the onset of the Resource Wars.

Sample Gamma Mentality

I have been robbed.

This is wrong. I shouldn't do more to protect myself and my belongings, it's the world that's wrong for allowing criminals to exist. I will move forward pushing for either economic and social reforms that will reduce the profitibility of criminal enterprise and reduce the number of people in a position where crime is the best option available (Durkheim's theorem largely prevents this factor from working, along with the exploitative nature of late stage capitalism) or I will endeavor that police have greater powers, larger budgets, and the freedom to act to protect my personal interests.

Outcome - increased paramilitary power available to regular police and law enforcement agencies, and decreased budgets for social work and rehabilitation programs.

Mass Hysteria and Gamma Mentality

An easily overlooked fact is that human beings are still functionally vertical hominids, and as such, have mammalian brains, social tendencies, and the weaknesses that are associated with them. One of the erosive functions of unregulated social media is the fact that echo chambers and social circles can engage the same mental processes that govern the phenomenon of mass hysteria and social biosympathy.

What is biosympathy? Simply is it when unrelated, non-connected people exhibit the same physical symptoms as a single person, due to simple proximity. Non-pregnant women can undergo false pregnancy, undergoing hormonal changes and even entering lactation without being pregnant, only by being in a socially sympathetic position to a pregnant woman. The same goes for psychosomantic expression of illness in a perfectly healthy person. In the context of Gamma Syndrome, this can lead normal people to pick up bits and pieces of gamma syndrome, repeating some of the talking points, and spreading gamma ideas as viral information.

An Older Influence

An alternate expression of Gamma, and the underlying danger of biosympathy is the concept of the Nam Shub. The Nam Shub is a Sumerian chant or poem that is supposed to have magic power. The Cosmic Era context of the Nam Shub is that it represents viral information, diseased thinking. These Nam Shubs can be transmitted almost instantaneously through unregulated internet channels. By sharing memes and bumper sticker slogans, a Nam Shub can be propagated and linger for years, even decades, without serious change.

The danger of playing with viral information is there is seldom a way to tell what might be completely ignored, and what offhand remark will turn into a viral storm, echoing through the online universe.


Gamma Syndrome is a diseased way of thinking, a form of viral information processing, that is amplified by digital communication and memetic informatics. Our simian brains grab onto these ideas, and once grasped, they are nearly impossible for us to release, because that would indicate a fault on our part, or admit things like confirmation bias, self blindness, or that in a post-dogmatic religion age that there is something fundamental in the human psyche that Loki quite correctly pointed out that it is our natural state to submit. Gods became a Mary Sue Omni-god, and then propagated out to sports team nations, political affiliations, or even fandoms. The zeal of a Raiders fan who paints their entire body silver and black echoes back to Celtic and Pictish Woadlings who painted themselves with blue mud pigments. The scholar who eruditely learns Klingon on Quenya, not too dissimilar to the religious scholar who devotes themselves to learning ancient Greek or Aramaic to decipher texts that have been deciphered dozens or hundreds of times by other antiquarian fanboys.

Gamma mentality appears commonly online.

Daughters shouldn't be trained to be aware of their surroundings and avoid unsafe situations, sons should be raised to not be rapists.

Your stuff isn't worth defending with lethal force.

I have problems with the sourcing of insert random item, therefor the entire system should change to suit me. I don't eat meat, and because of that, no one else should either.

These tend to be delusional at a fundamental nature, because they assume that the problems in the world could easily be solved by simply agreeing with the ideal. In reducing the problem down to a bumper sticker slogan, it ignores all of the underlying problems behind the issue. No one raises their sons to be rapists, while some people will commit murder to keep someone from touching their stuff, the violation is that of the home and the threat leveled against the safety and sanctity of the home, and ignoring the social and economic issues that lead to theft.

Thank you for reading this meandering rant poorly presented as a submission.

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