File Name: Francis

Morphology: Minotaur

Sex: Male

Current Lair: Fort Minos

Alignment: True Neutral

Specialties: The research and development of mazes and labyrinths.

Background: Francis is a powerful but peaceful Minotaur who has dedicated his life to the study of mazes and labyrinths. As a Minotaur he knows more about this subject then any other. His current dwelling which he calls Fort Minos is an extremely secure underground dungeon designed to be a maze with 5 levels, each one being a maze itself.

This means that raiding his lair is extremely difficult and no one who has tried has ever returned alive. However he is alway happy to have visitors and will personally greet them with a warm welcome. Just don't anger him and everything will be fine. If you do, he will send you down to level 5 of his lair and eat you. This is how he sustains himself and there are always plenty of so called heroes looking to slay him.

There are also hidden security cameras disguised as carvings of eyes on the walls which allow him to monitor key points of Fort Minos and watch for intruders attempting to raid the place. It is from these cameras that he can often tell who is friend and who is possibly raider. He has a sign in the outside that states there are hidden cameras and that entering constitutes consent to video monitoring.

If you ever need any information on mazes, labyrinths, how they are generated, solved, their history, geometry etc. Ask him and he will have an answer for you. He publishes his information on a self hosted site called The Minos Library at "theminoslibrary.nerr" and updates it frequently. He also has a blog on the Blogg platform called "theminosblog.blogg.nerr". Just be careful not to sound too interested or else he will assume you are just as interested in his subject and proceed to drone on and on about it.

He has also written his own software called MazeSim which is a fork of an earthling program called Daedalus. MazeSim is currently at version 8.0 and can be downloaded from his website The Minos Library.

Fort Minos has 5 levels, each one a different maze. It is currently unknown how they connect to each other or in what order they go. So they will be listed in the order of when they were found:

The first floor which is on the surface is the Fort Minos Main Level. This one contains the living areas, studies, and various rooms a fort will have.

The second floor is the Fort Minos Data Center. This is where all of the data for his website is kept. There is also an offsite mirror.

The third is the Fort Minos Armory. This is where he keeps a large variety of weapons and armor. Both magical and not. Some extremely powerful things are in this level so there are traps in the maze on this level.

The forth is the Fort Minos Vault. This is where all of the treasure and valuable items are kept. He has also trapped the maze on this level too.

The fifth and final floor is the Fort Minos Panic Room. This is where the most complex maze is located and is filled with long winding passages, hidden traps, and other defenses to kill off raiders. If threatened by a significantly powerful foe, he will retreat here and let the traps do most of the work and he will finish it off.

Mazes in computing and the coding of generation and solving algorithms are his current focus. He is always trying to optimize his algorithm implementations and you can download them on his GitForge site "minoslib.gitforge.nerr".

Francis has a friend who is much less friendly and more feral then himself and just as powerful. His lair currently serves as a temple for a cult that worships him as a god and will be frequently provided with sacrifices. Francis honestly wishes he drops dead so he can take over his lair and use it as an actual dungeon to throw people he hates into it. Fort Minos is right next door to this temple and like all Minotaur lairs, there is a giant complex maze featured in it.

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