The Infernal House of Raz'gos is a faction of intelligent demons who are known for their master craftsmanship of armor. Their primary specialty is the production of what is known as Flayed Armor. An armor that appears to be made of a unusually durable combination of leather and bone. To most people, it appears to be made of animal bones and skin. However those who do know what it is made of will look at the wearer with utter revulsion and paladins who know will often attack the wearer on sight.

The reason this armor is so controversial is due to the small fact that it is made entirely of human flesh and bones. It has the same weight and properties as leather armor but provides the same level of protection that a finely crafted set of platemail will give. This makes it popular among many warriors and adventurers alike. However, due to what it is made of, most kingdoms have banned Flayed Armor for very obvious reasons. Those who have banned it consider it to be so vile that anyone caught with it is not arrested but summarily executed IE attacked on sight by the guards.

How this armor is distinguished from others of similar design is that the sigil of the Infernal House of Raz'gos is burned into the leather. Which is why most people who have a set will often cover that up with something else to hide the fact that they are in possession of Flayed Armor. Though that is not the only sign since a close inspection can reveal the fact the hide is of human flesh and if you know what human bones look like, then that is also a dead giveaway too.

To make this armor requires a fresh body that is still alive. A few live humans will be dragged from the Raz'gos dungeons and taken to the crafting chambers. There, a slow and agonizing process of flaying and disassembly of the skeleton will commence. The humans are not allowed to die or faint during the process. The skin and then multiple layers of muscle tissue are removed one at a time using specially crafted demonsteel flaying daggers. The resulting bloody hides are then sent to the tanning racks to be cured and turned into leather for the armor.

After that, the skeleton is taken apart bone by bone. Then the humans are finally allowed to die and their remains are discarded into a pile of gore to be fed to the hell hounds and feral demons that roam the infernal realms. This process takes about 10 hours minimum to complete. Keep in mind, the humans are screaming in agony this entire time. Once the leather is finished, the armor parts are made so that the skin forms the top layer and the muscle tissue makes the rest of the layers. While this is being done, the bones are set in between the layers of leather to provide the reinforcements of the armor. The finished product is then branded with the Sigil of Raz'gos.

The process of making this armor is only known due to a person who faked being dead to escape this horrific fate. Before that, no one had any problems with Flayed Armor because it was assumed that it was made from animal bones and hides. But ever since that revelation was made, the armor has become reviled by most of human society. Governments across the world have banned it completely. And people who are seen wearing it are assumed to be supporters of the demons of Raz'gos. People who are discovered to be selling it are often shunned by others and executed at worse.

If you want to wear it for its legendary stats, be prepared to face attacks from paladins and guards from regions who have banned it. You will not face arrest, you will simply be attacked on sight when caught with it. In places where it is not banned, be prepared for most people to refuse to provide services to you or even talk to you. You will likely face harassment and threats from the locals and most people wouldn't mind if someone ran you through.

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