Gunpowder use is an extremely optional addition to any fantasy campaign. I debated it's use for years before finally accepting it once 3e came about.

I strived to make it usable and balanced, and also relatively simple. I discarded the nitpicking ( Penetration values, calibers, powder quality, etc... )and collected various ideas and rules to make it's use reasonable in any setting.

Here's the base rules for what will follow here:

The standard firearm will use 1oz of blackpowder per shot. The powder propels a 1oz lead ball that inflicts terrible damage, but has limited accuracy.

Rate of fire is 1/10 ( one minute ) untrained
1/5 ( 30 seconds ) trained

Basic Firearms

Damage: 3d10 at short range/ 2d10 medium/1d10 long
Critical: x3
Ranges: 25ft/50ft/75ft
ROF: 1/5 ( 1/10 untrained )
Special: Knockdown at short range ( Reflex Save DC 20, creatures size S or M )/ 10ft spread at medium range/ broken glass, nails, gravel, and lead balls may be used as ammunition.

Damage: 1d10
Critical: x3
Ranges: 50ft/100ft/150ft
ROF: 1/5 ( 1/10 untrained )
Special: NA

Damage: 2d10
Critical: x3
Ranges: 150ft/300ft/450ft
ROF: 1/5 ( 1/10 untrained )
Special: NA

Explosives and Artillery

Keg of powder is a 5lb keg.
5d10 damage 0-5' 3d10 damage 6-15' 1d10 damage 16-25'
BR: 25'

For multiple kegs. up the area of effect by 1' for every additional keg. Each keg will inflict damage, so multiply damage. example: 12 kegs BR = 36'ft max ( 5d10 x 12 0-16' 3d10 x12 17-26' 1d10 x 12 27-36' ) damage = x12


Damage depends on the shot used. the size of the cannon effects only the range. The rules can be expanded to reflect heavier shot, but this is optional. The following is a basic guidline for quick artillery. ranges are roundshot/grapeshot.

roundshot d10 damage ( optional rule making damage d10 per 1b of weight for the shot )

grapeshot d10 per 5' square occupied. reflex save dc 20 for 1/2. the ranges reflect a cone shaped area of effect, extending to full width at maximum effective range.

rate of fire assumes a full crew. add 5 rounds to the reload time for every 1 short in a crew. min crew for any cannon is 2. the exception being the light cannon.

light cannon ( deck guns, and chasers. Giant sized humanoids with strengths 20 and above could carry such weapons and use as blunderbus )
range: 200-300/20-30
( Optional roundshot weight maximum 4lbs )
reload/rof ( trained only ) 1/10
crew 2

Medium Cannon ( standard field artillery 18th 7 19th century )
range 400-500/40-50
( Optional roundshot weight maximum 18lbs )
reload/rof ( trained only ) 1/20
crew 4

Heavy cannon ( bombards, super cannons )
range 600-700/60-70
( Optional roundshot weight maximum 50lbs )
reload/rof ( trained only ) 1/30
crew 6

Magical Properties:

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