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March 14, 2014, 2:32 am

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Fighter Types


Idea inspired from pokemon creature types

Normal: (NORMAL)

The Normal type represents the typical untrained combatant, with interest in fighting and most of the basic knowledge, but no specific training, discipline or philosophy. This is the most common type of combatant.

Strong vs: None

Weak vs: Primitive, Armor

Vulnerable to: Military

Immune to: Astral

Military: (FIGHTING)

The Military type represents the soldier specially trained for hand to hand combat and martial arts. In contrast, the average soldier, be he army, marine or otherwise is typically a Normal type. These fighters know strong, brutal, effective techniques for taking out their foes, with a minimal amount of philosophy, and maximum amount of execution.

Strong vs: Normal, Control, Rogue, Armor, and Primitive

Weak vs: Tech, Kawaii, Aerial, Assassin, Psi

Vulnerable to: Aerial, Psi

Aerial: (FLYING)

The Aerial type is fast moving, acrobatic, and able to make good use of space, be it through telekinesis, high physical ability, or even actual abilit to fly. Aerial types are fast, but typically lack a heavy punch, or long endurance in a fight.

Strong vs: Tech, Military, Mystic

Weak vs: Energy, Armor, Primitive

Vulnerable to: Energy, Control, Primitive

Immune to: Heavy

Assassin: (POISON)

The Assassin is a deceptive fighter, using poison, sapping abilities, and deploying parapsychic tricks that 'bleed' opponents and otherwise weaken, confuse, and ultimately defeat them.

Strong vs: Kawaii, Mystic

Weak vs: Astral, Heavy, Assassin, Primitive

Vulnerable to: Tech, Heavy, Psi

Heavy: (Ground)

The Heavy is a large powerful fighter, deliberate, straight forward, and powerful. Heavies tend to be larger combatants, and have qualms about getting up close and personal as they tend to be both strong and durable.

Strong vs: Energy, Pyro, Assassin, Primitive, Armor

Weak vs: Tech, Mystic

Vulnerable to: Control, Mystic, Marine

Immune to: Energy

Primitive: (ROCK)

Superficially similar to Heavies, Primitives are large and brutal fighters, but they match this with a savage and sadistic streak. Where the heavy defeats, the Primitive butchers. They are savage and sadistic fighters. (Brian Fury much?)

Strong vs: Tech, Pyro, Aerial, Control

Weak vs: Military, Heavy, Armor

Vulnerable to: Military, Mystic, Heavy, Marine

Tech: (BUG)

The Tech Fighter relies on gadgets, tricks, gimmicks and other outside accessories to keep them in the fight. While these tools can make them effective and specialized, they are also a terrible weakness.

Strong vs: Rogue, Mystic, Psi

Weak vs: Kawaii, Military, Pyro, Aerial, Astral, Assassin, Armor

Vulnerable to: Pyro, Aerial, Primitive

Astral: (GHOST)

The Astral Type fighter is able to phase shift, alter their dimension, teleport and otherwise move in a non-conventional manner. Highly evasive, these uncommon fighters are almost impossible to hit.

Strong vs: Astral, Psi

Weak vs: Rogue, Armor

Vulnerable to: Rogue, Astral

Immune to: Normal, Military

Armor: (STEEL)

The Armor type is large, powerful, and highly resistant to damage, much like the Heavy. This is in part due to augmented protection, such as actual armor, telekinetic armor, or some other outside protection. They are specialized in the use of this armor.

Strong vs: Kawaii, Control, Primitive

Weak vs: Energy, Pyro, Armor, Marine

Vulnerable to: Military, Pyro, Heavy

Immune to: Assassin

Pyro: (FIRE)

The Pyro type is a flashy parapsychic warrior who uses strong elemental energy based attacks. Pyros tend to be strong, and highly aggressive.

Strong vs: Tech, Mystic, Control, Armor

Weak vs: Power, Pyro, Primitive, Marine

Vulnerable to: Heavy, Primitive, Marine

Marine: (WATER)

The Marine is at home in the water, either on top of it, or under it. Their moves are specialized for their aquatic environments. While this might seem a weakness, there is a lot more water than land on the planet.

Strong vs: Pyro, Heavy, Primitive

Weak vs: Power, Mystic, Marine

Vulnerable to: Energy, Mystic

Mystic (GRASS)

The Mystic fighter is one that is one with the cosmos, possessing a strong philosophical ethos, innate connection to internal energy, chi, and the ebb and flow of the body. Most classical martial artists, kung fu masters, mystics on the mountain and such fall into this category.

Strong vs: Heavy, Primitive, Marine

Weak vs: Tech, Power, Pyro, Aerial, Mystic, Assassin, Armor

Vulnerable to: Tech, Pyro, Aerial, Control, Poison


The Energy Type is the electric version of the Pyro, and while very similar, Energy types tend to be either completely focused or on the verge of losing control. (Blanka)

Strong vs: Aerial, Marine

Weak vs: Power, Energy, Mystic

Vulnerable to: Heavy

Psi (Psychic)

The Mind controllers, parapsychics able to enter thoughts, manipulate the mind, create confusion, and otherwise make everyone have a bad day. Most Psi types are assholes. Yuri is mastah

Strong vs: Military, Assassin

Weak vs: Psi, Armor

Vulnerable to: Tech, Rogue, Astral

Control (ICE)

Control type fighters are calculating, calm, collected, and very often cyrokinetic parapsychics. This being said, Controllers are powerful offensive fighters.

Strong vs: Power, Aerial, Mystic, Heavy

Weak vs: Pyro, Control, Armor, Marine

Vulnerable to: Military, Pyro, Primitive, Armor

Power (DRAGON)

Power type fighters are typically bosses, and are accordingly strong attackers, with high defenses, with attacks that are devastating and a variety of techniques ranging across the spectrum from gadgets to parapsychic powers to just being insane or even partly divine.

Strong vs: Power

Weak vs: Armor

Vulnerable to: Power, Kawaii, Control

Rogue (DARK)

The Rogue is a stealthy fighter, like the assassin, but are specialized in creating ambushes, high evasion, and ruses to keep their foes from actually finding them to fight them. They are very good at going unnoticed.

Strong vs: Astral, Psi

Weak vs: Rogue, Kawaii, Military

Vulnerable to: Tech, Kawaii, Military

Immune to: Psi

Kawaii (FAIRY)

The Kawaii type fighter is disarmingly cute, innocent or otherwise seemingly non-threatening. This often conceals a powerful fighter able to protect themselves, and use parapsi and innate abilities to weaken, disarm, or disable their foes.

Strong vs: Rogue, Power, Military

Weak vs: Pyro, Assassin, Armor

Vulnerable to: Assassin, Armor

Immune to: Power

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April 15, 2015, 8:55
nice start!

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