Appearance 6'2", 230 lbs. Wiry build. Well tanned, sun worn skin, with wrinkles. Blond/ white hair in the 1 cm "Doc Savage" crew cut. 1 Clint Eastwood blue eye (It is actually so deep set that it is closed most of the time), 1 2cm glowing (optional) red cyber eye with outside casing (circa 2000). Tends to be wearing a white tux shirt, black cargo pants (lots of pockets), leather/Kevlar duster, Stetson cowboy hat, and good boots. His whole look is soooo old school, so ancient, that most people consider it an act until you see the wrinkles on his skin and the look in his eye and realize he has been wearing this type of outfit since it was cool.

Fields was born in Katersville, one of the small towns that were incorporated into Night City. He had an average middle class life, in which he played football and such. Being big, strong, patriotic, and slightly naïve, he joined the military. He was assigned to Special Forces and through dumb luck found himself assigned to the Hornets. The Hornets were the cutting edge recons in the South American Conflicts. They came, they reported, then did what they had to do. They got the dirty jobs. O'Mally was the defacto field leader. He took the Rookie under his wing. Fields arrived just in time to be assigned cybernetic boots in the form of REF and cyber senses. They were bleeding edge technology in 1994. Then the Hornets got thrown back into the field. O'Mally taught Fields the importance of being aware of your environment and of other people, of being aware enough to act on that knowledge. He also taught fields strategy and planning. O'Malley survived some inhuman situations by living by this credo. That made an impression on Fields.

Eventually, the Hornet's luck ran out. They were caught in an arc light called in by another team. Most of the squad was dead. The rest were either disfigured and cybered up or disillusioned and mustered out. Fields, not wanting to be reassigned, did not reup. Once a year the surviving, sane, members get together for a drink. On Oct 8th, Fields drinks alone.

Fields looked about after getting out. He ran into an old buddy in a bar. He and two other had found themselves jobs working for EBM as security pros. He put in a word, and Fields got the gig. Fields was one of their best security people. He was observant, diligent, and took his job deadly seriously. Over time, Fields notices a patter of attacks and inventory shortages. Working with an up and comer name Katie Marshon, Fields pieced together the scheme that had his ex-friends' names written all over it. Together they turned in their evidence, and Fields old boot camp squad went to jail.

Fields worked for the company for a time after that. However, it became more and more difficult as he found other internal abuses. Eventually he grew tired and cynical protecting the company from internal abuse rather than external threats. He left.

He floated on the streets for a time. He had enough sacked away that even in the world of have and have nots, he was not hurting for funds. He began to pick up work as a private investigator. There was a movie glorifying violent PIs called "Solos". Soon Fields was a Solo. A very successful one. While he would fight for a good cause, he always a mercenary that always had to be paid even if it was one euro.

That was quite a number of years ago. Fields has become something of a legend. He is a survivor. There is an unofficial list ranking the city's solos that circulates among the right people. He has almost always been in the top 20, usually in the number 14 spot. There are others who are better, faster, stronger, and more accurate. Fields is the first to admit that. Fields also says that there aren't many who are smarter. The list's names are always changing because of deaths. Fields is still on that list, like he has been as long as anyone can remember. (He is paying a fixer to keep his ranking low).

All of that is window dressing really. His life did not begin until he met Shiela.

Shiela was a Rocker who made end meet as an emergency room med tech. She was part of a booster gang of rockers who took on the look of rockers past. She held her own looks, telling them that someday their children would be being her. After getting fragged just to see her, he asked her out. He used his connections to get her gigs. She would walk out on them. She wanted to earn her way. She worked on getting her own gigs. Fields would go and make sure that nothing happened, acting as security for the entire performance. When he went on a run, she often came along. Being an artistically superior, yet currently un marketed rocker, gave her a moral high position, but did not always pay the bills. Fields thought they were in love. The lived quite happily together, though it was always a stormy relationship. It was soon after the space run when Fields had come into quite a bit of money that things went south. He could of retired and lived as a gentleman on the crystal palace. He went through the motions. He gave up the eye and got the condo. Yet he was constantly sneaking out (wearing the eye) and doing jobs for the jazz rather than the money. (Though frequently she would do the same thing to get a gig somewhere dirtside). They moved dirtside and were back in their old apartment (though now Fields owned the building.. though nobody knows that). He ran jobs and did some PI work. She sang in places. Then one day, without warning, she left. She left everything behind. After "interrogating" every possible suspect, he determined that she left without a struggle. The only clue he has: she had gone to the clinic that morning and removed her medical records soon after (using techniques that Fields had taught her). She disappeared. He searched everywhere. He had teams search cyber space. Now he still runs occasional jobs, but mostly, he looks for her. She is here somewhere. He just has to find her.

Special Equipment
19 Boosterware +4 Reflex Has the experimental European Model. Has been upgrading this since his Military days (2,4,5,3,5)

10 Cybereye Circa 2001.. A very Deathlock look. Metal casing, big red circular optic. This is now an external casing for a replaced optic. He has it installed every time he goes out.

w/Image Enhancer, IR +Thermal, Antidazzle and EMP shields (applied after space run)

10 Cyber Ears. High end and very modern. Replacing the pieces of shit installed in the military and after the early runs.

w/ Amp hearing, Enhanced Range, Level Damp, WN Radio Scan, Phone Splice with scrambler, Voice Stress Analyzer, Sound Editing, and EMP shields (applied after space run)

2 Skin Weave After play starts

2 Nasal Filters

1 Jack for optics and audio

1 Nano Surgeons

1 Enhanced Antibiotics

Material things get in the way. You have to be willing to sacrifice them to achieve your goals.
However, his standard load...

200 Euro, Pocket Comp, Camera Small, Recorder +5 chips +link Cables, Kevlar Lined Coat ( It is so old, it is now totally Retro), Kevlar Lined Cowboy Hat (Unless you are in Texas.. very out of place), 8 Nausea Grenades (Bat Balls), 5 Thermal smoke grenades (bat balls), Cred Meter (allows to exchange money for creds), 5x1000 Cred Sticks and 5 blanks...

9mm Parabellium Hip, .50 Magnum (Coat Pocket), 2 Silent Strangers (1 off hand coat, the other in belt), .557 Boom Buster (Thigh Holster), oo Sawed off shotgun Thigh Holster, 50 shots handguns, half AP 10 shots shotgun, 4 clips boomer

A picture of her. Well maybe somethings are important....

Apartment Building. He owns it through a corporate screen.

2 Safe apartments. Modified to stash stuff and occasionally people

1 Condo Crystal Palace

5 Secret Accounts 10,000 each

More credits stashed away than he really knows about but it is really not about the money.

Roleplaying Notes
A total Professional. He knows what his next couple of moves will be and has contingency plans in case something happens. He is calm, collected, and focused. For those that like old movies, he is like "Dirty Harry", except he is more into intimidation and planning than random gun fire (which is wasteful). He is fair, honest, and loyal. He would fight for a cause, but there are very few causes worth fighting for.. so now he is a mercenary. He strives to keep his people alive. He cares for his people, even though they would never know it. Occasionally he is cranky with screw up trying to get themselves or others caught or killed (people who did not follow his orders to the letter).
His personality is best summed up, "Give me a euro". "Why" "Because I am going to protect you ... and nobody does this shit for free."