Special Equipment:

Ferian carries a small golden amulet around his neck, beneath all of his clothes. This amulet is the sign that he worshippes a certain god, the god of fallen rangers, the god of murder, Shartel. This amulet carries a single, fingernail-sized ruby in the middle of it. This amulet allows the wearer to move a little faster, so that he may move more swiftly and silently when the wearer wishes. Ferian is not the only one carrying this kind of an amulet though...


Ferian has long, brown hair, that stretches over his long past his shoulders and green eyes. Usually he wears something dark brown or green, but it is not exceptional to see him wearing gray or black clothes. Ferian stands about 187cm tall, slightly muscular, carrying a long sword, with no unexceptional markings or anything. When somebody speaks with Ferian, he answers politely, trying not to offend anybody, but if that happens he does not apologize or anything. Ferian has manners, granted. And when he believes that bowing or speaking politely is of great importance or helps him gain his goals, he behaves himself like a aristocrat. Ferian aims always to gain personal profit and rarely does anything if he does not gain something from it. Ferian is a very cunning person.


Ferian was born in a small cabin, where his father, a ranger named Faron, lived. Ferian grew there and when he was about 10 years old, his father started to train him to be a ranger, just like his father.

Then, one day, when Ferian was alone in the woods, walking and thinking, he saw someone. He walked to the man, who had a black beard, black hair, and beady eyes that twinkled like he had just heard a nice joke (much like Ferian's eyes do now). The man introduced himself as Kore-Am-Borim, a ranger. This strange man talked with Ferian, and proved to be an interesting man. It then came time for Ferian to leave, but he wanted to meet this man again. So they agreed to meet again, and Ferian then went home.

Although Ferian didn't know this, Kore-Am-Borim was a worshipper of Shartel. They continued their meetings, and Kore-Am-Borim, seeing a potential in this boy, started to train him as well. Not like Ferian's father though. Kore-Am-Borim trained him to be a worshipper of Shartel. Kore-Am-Borim then asked Ferian one day, if he wanted to join the worshippers. So great was the changes Kore-Am-Borim had succeeded in making in the boys training, that he accepted. Kore-Am-Borim then gave him the medallion and then left the woods. Ferian went home and tried to hide the fact, that he was a worshipper of the fallen ranger's god. His father found it out soon enough and then denied Ferian and banished him from his birthplace. Ferian left the woods before his father could think of somekind of a punishment. Now he wanders the lands as a fallen ranger, worshipper of Shartel.

Roleplaying Notes:

The amulet Ferian carries gives him a +1 to dexterity.

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