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August 13, 2006, 5:29 pm

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Faith of the True Civilization


Imagine a land to the East (or just Far Away) that trades with your lands with the occassional Caravan. This land is all about The Civilization: The Order of Things, The Celestial Buracracy, The Mantle of Heaven, and clerical abilities defining who was in charge (due to their being touched by the Gods).

In the World of BA’AN and The Messenger 1755. This is the Civilization before the comming of Ba’an. To see the worship after, see The Demon Cult of BA’AN 2865. This is really a thumbnail sketch of the society for contrast.

This religious system is the worship of the Universal Order. Their religious view reflects their political and social organization: law, order, and bureaucracy. (Actually this is reversed, as they strive to make the worldly equal to the divine). Each deity (and there are two thousand known ones) is in charge of one small segment of reality, like a bureaucrat in charge of a department. Each one has appropriate spirit minions doing minor function. Each deity is responsible to his superior.

As it is in the Heavens, so it must be in the Earth. The Civilization (aka The Grand Civilization of Riszen to those elsewhere) has achieved a pattern that makes it as close to the Celestial Bureaucracy. Society is orderly, efficient, and proper. The Priests, interpreters of the Celestial Wills, make sure of it. Using clerical inspiration and abilities, they help make sure that government, business, and food production are conducted in a proper and divinely efficient manner.

It should be noted that most other people’s and race’s deities are included in the Universal Order. They are normally in small sub departments for a specific race or a specific race doing a certain function. Part of their superiority complex is that these silly other peoples are worshiping these minor functionaries AS IF they were really in charge.

Daily Interaction
Prayers and interaction with the appropriate deity follows the pattern of introduction to deity, asking for petition, performing the required task to achieve the results desired. In short, much the same way one deals with their complex bureaucracy.

Priests often act as special conduits for each petitioners.  They act like legal guides (lawyers) and experts, helping people pray for the right things and to the right gods. They help people follow the rules of the Celestial Order, and in doing such follow the rules of the Worldly Order. Some actually help with the Wordly Order too.

Those with some priestly training and priestly abilities, but choose not to work with the people directly are installed in positions of management or direction in the governments (city, state, or country). Many will serve Civilization by advising businesses or farm coops.

Priestly training is a combination of personal faith, access of soul, and spiritual education. There are schools which teach about the Celestial Order through out The Civilization. Those who excell or show talent will be passed on to higher institutes.

It is interesting to those outside The Civilization that Logic, Rhetoric, and Law are part of the spiritual education.  It makes sense once one considers that The Universe follows laws and their correct interpretation is paramount to success.

The moral system of the Universal order have the following high points

1) Structure and Order

The World follows the rules. The sun crosses the sky, the seasons change, the rain falls. The world has rules and so does the Celestrial and Worldly governments. As is in the Celestrial, so it will be in the Worldly.

2) Everyone must work together to maintain Civilization and The World.

No one individual is so important as to risk the order of things. Everyone must work together to build and maintain The Civilization.

3) Civilization owes something to those who help maintain it.

Civilization is not run for the comfort and ease of everyone, but it takes steps that those who will serve, are serving, or have served Civilization are well taken care of. Education, Medical Care, and The Basics of the Body (minimal food, clothing, and shelter) are available to those who need it.. and are willing to work for it.  Groups and Families will support those who work and live with them as well. 

4)Completion of duty/ responsibilities.

One must complete their duties, meet their responsibilities, and not take on anything they can not do.
If people don’t do this, the whole system falls apart. hose who are weak and can’t, must be removed, lest everyone fall.

5)Living up to the letter of your responsibilities.

Since no one other than The gods can judge the intent of others, all one can judge by is the letter of their responsibilities. It is the failure to meet ones responsibilities that will have one cast out of the beautiful Celestrial world and to the Eternal Hell. Note: Priests do have spells that let them look and see if the person’s intent for anything that the Gods deem worthy of dealing with in the worldly plane.

There are others, but these are the most prevolent and visible.

Of course, this is Pre BA’AN and The Messenger. Especially since the Messenger’s word does not reach here.

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Comments ( 5 )
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July 15, 2006, 15:42
Updated: Add 2865 as a link when this is done.
Make sure to read the associated posts or this one makes no sense.
Voted Pariah
August 13, 2006, 21:12
You cheated!!! Rewriting stuff from your Nekron post. For shame. Good job anyway Moon.
August 15, 2006, 1:46
Actually this post is things I adopted from the Celestial Empire, i.e. China. Nothing from the Nekron at all. This is "classic society" from China pre-modern. Nekrons are a socialist society based on a Stalinist model.
August 16, 2006, 16:00
Stalinist society the Nekron might be. And I quote:
"MoonHunter replied: Religion... warming up
Their religious system is the worship of the Universal Order. Their religious view reflects their political and social organization: law, order, and bureaucracy. Each diety (and there are two thousand known ones) is in charge of one small segment of reality, like a bureaucrat in charge of a department. Each one has appropriate spirit minions doing minor function. Each diety is responsible to his superior."

Pulled directly from the Nekron scroll, about halfway down.
August 16, 2006, 17:30
wow. I stand corrected.

Would you believe I did not copy and paste that? I was thinking about the Celestial Order in China and that text rattled out of my head. (It probably entered my head when I was taking notes in my Chinese History classes). So when I was looking for something to say in both cases, that same exact text rolled out.

What scares me more than I actually wrote that twice is that you remembered it. Good catch. My kind of bad.

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