The Eye of Atma is a gold egg shaped object roughly the size of a human eye. When found or removed from a host, the Eye is closed and more resembles a yoni object, or female genital symbol. No known means can force the Eye to open. It is heavy, and holding it fills the holder with a sense of dread importance.


The Eye of Atma is intended to replace one eye of a person. The eye socket must be empty. if pushed into the socket, the Eye of Atma will easily fit. The new bearer of the Eye must undergo several challenges, during which they are completely helpless.

Test of Spirit - the host cannot have any anxiety based flaws. The Eye will not accept a host who suffers from anxiety, depression, fear, cowardliness, and other disorders. The new bearer must make a willpower test against the Eye. If they score a critical fail on this, the Eye devours the soul of host and they fall to the ground dead.

Test of Soul - the host must be Human, Human+, or Imbrian. Clones, cymeks, androids, and non-humans cannot use the Eye. Those who are infected or infested cannot bear to be near the Eye. Like the test of Spirit, those who critically fail this test perish.

The Test of Flesh - the host must be of sound health and body. Amputees, cripples, the handicapped, the sick, the weak, and the infirm do not have the strength of body to bear the power of the Eye. A normal fail on the Test of Flesh leaves the host deceased. A critical fail reduces their body to a salt like withered husk.

Should the host pass the three tests of the Eye, it will graft itself into their head, and the labia like lids will part and reveal the gleaming gold and crystal Eye of Atma. The character will spend several hours to days disoriented and confused as they struggle to accept and adapt to the powers of the Eye.


True Sight - also known as Kirlian Vision, or Transphasic Perception. The bearer of the Eye has the ability to see psychic auras, as well as peering into the metaphasic zone. This means that the Bearer of the Eye can perceive all of the transphasic life forms that drift through reality without intersecting it, as well as seeing when people are being infested by one of them.

Sight Beyond Sight - clairvoyance with concentration. Focusing on people or objects and familiarity with a location makes this much easier.

Telepathy - The Bearer of the Eye can focus their sight on a person and read their mind, from their surface thoughts to their deepest and most recessed memories. This can be resisted, and if there are too many people or distractions present, it can be thwarted.

False Sight - The Eye can generate illusions and phantasms. They have no power or substance, but until proven otherwise the majority of people will accept an illusion created by the Eye.

Protection - Meta - the Eye of Atma grants the Bearer bonuses to resisting mind control, emotion manipulation, immunity to telepathy, they cannot be fooled by disguises, and as they see souls, they cannot be hidden from unless the person hiding has some sort of hiding spot akin to a spiritual Faraday cage.


The Eye cannot be removed while the Bearer is alive. It also cannot be hidden by prosthetic, make up, or illusion. It can be covered by long hair, or a cowl, or face mask. The Bearer will also increasingly suffer from a dramatic loss of empathy. Being aware of the petty thoughts of others, and how insignificant the desires of the majority of people are will see them fall in status to the Bearer of the Eye, becoming nothing more than chattel that can pointlessly speak,

The Eye cannot see things that do not have souls. Thus automatons can walk past the eye without being noticed, save for the remaining human eye. After a long period of time, the Bearer of the Eye will be very accustomed to using the perception of the golden eye over their own remaining eye, leaving a blind spot for robot assassins, poisonings, or mechanical traps with no power sources.


The Imbrians left behind a Guardian on Earth, Atma. This guardian was a magnificent robot made of gold alloys and the pinnacle of Imbrian material technology. It guarded the last Imbrian city in the Solar System, after the Dynasts exterminated themselves off the face of the rest of the planets. The Guardian of Atlantis strode into conflict many times, accompanied by the Last Knights of Imbria. They slew many monsters and abominations that were left crawling the face of the Death World Earth. In time, the Knights, one by one, fell. And eventually Atma too was broken and destroyed. The remaining Knights gathered what they could of the Dynastic war machine, and created from it the Atma Relics. Each of the Last Knights carried one of the relics, and made it as their final task to hunt down and slay the abominations of the Dynasty.

The were successful, but the cost was absolute. None of the Knights survived, and many of the Relics were given to the self appointed Nobles of Atlantis. They used them to keep fighting, as the abominations were drawn to the golden light of Atlantis herself. The city was destroyed, but so too were the monsters clawing at the walls and the gates. The relics survived and were passed on to the survivors of the fall of the City.

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