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January 3, 2017, 4:42 pm

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Eschaton Treatise


An Imbrian data cube that houses the formula and schematics for creating a psychic beacon

The Eschaton Treatise

Housed in a cube shaped data storage device, the Eschaton Treastise is a relatively straight forward set of schematics and plans for the construction of a psychic beacon. This is almost a Rosetta Stone of arcanotech, and has been instrumental in the expansion of said arcanotech. Accessing the treatise is not easy, and requires either aptitude with the technomancy parapsychic discipline, or a suitably high end wireless system. The first researchers to access the treatise did so with a basic hypernet link, and took months to download the most basic data from the system.

The Eschaton Treatise is the fundamental underpinning of all psychotronics and anthropotronics, two cutting edge fields in arcanotech. Without the Treatise, the world would very likely still be using something more akin to the 21st century Hypernet, and there would be no immersive simsense systems like the CogNet. The treatise itself is made of a carbo-silicate material and contains a number of incredibly sophisticated quantum circuits inside of it.


The Eschaton Treatise contains the schematics and plans for building a psychic beacon, along with the functional schematics and plans for all of the supporting technology required to produce such a device.

The Eschaton treatise taught the Glassenheim Foundation how to build the first signal towers for the nascent 3rdNet system. These towers were bleeding edge at the time of their creation, but compared to an actual Imbrian psychic beacon, they are tin cans connected by a string. After the creation of the 3rdNet, and the birth of the SimSense industry, the Foundation broke the data apart into two sections, data manipulation and mind manipulation. The first is the science of psychotronics, the second is anthropotronics. These technologies are everywhere in the Cosmic Era, and indispensable to it.

Mind Control Devices: the Imbrians placated entire worlds with their psi-generators. These machines ensured the tranquility and docility of the populations of their colonies and satraps, at least until those who opposed the near immortal dynasts found ways around them, such as their own defenses, counter psi-generators, and attacks that destroyed the generators, allowing populations to awaken from the emotional stupor they had been put under. This technology lies at the end of the study of anthropotronics, and whatever nation completes this tech first will have an incredibly dangerous and game changing weapon in their hands.

The Psi-Amplifier: The Psi-amplifier is a miniature psychic beacon that allows a parapsychic to manifest their powers much more strongly, using the beacon as a conduit, and an amplifier. The Imbrians used this technology for near instant communication via telepathy, creating psi-shields to stop attacks and monsters, and for controlling creatures, like the teratomorphs, who should have been beyond the control of mere mortals.

The Youmanomican: the weapon force of the Imbrians, the Youmanomican is a large and powerful psychic beacon that is able to generate focused dimensional fatigue events to 'summon' or 'gate' in things like outsider spirits, teratomorphs, magnaspawn, and so forth. The outsider spirits were utilized to create demihuman monsters, and Wombs of desecration. The final application of this device would be to use it to contact and outer god, an event that if had been carried out, would have meant the end of life in the Solar system.

Plot Hooks

4% - just 4% of the Eschaton Treatise has been deciphered. There is only one Treatise, and the Glassenheim foundation holds it in great security at their secret Iapetus base, near Saturn. The Foundation has made a break through in extracting new data from the quasi-stone quasi computer core, and the PCs are tasked with protecting this information while it is transported to the tech unit that is going to use it to build a new psychotronic device. For fun, it is a psychotronic doomsday weapon. The Valentine Trigger is an emotional manipulation weapon that causes everyone in the vicinity of it to enter a homicidal berzerker rage that lasts until they pass out, die, or the device has it's output signal deactived. A variation is the Miranda Trigger, a similar mind control weapon that when activated puts everyone in the vicinity of it in a fugue state. They will stay in this state until they perish from starvation or dehydration, and they cannot be awakened from this without being removed from the vicinity of the Miranda Device, and then administered a cerebral shock.

Stealing the Mona Lisa - The PCs are tasked with finding a super secret hidden base in the deep solar system, make their way to it, break in, extract the Treatise, escape with it, and hand it over to their employer, without being killed. Their employer will be the last group of people who attempt to murder the PCs. It is an inside job.

Duplicatum ex Machina - another Eschaton Treatise has been discovered, and there is a race to see who gets to it first. It is a very much shoot first and sort the wreckage later. The Treatise itself is durable enough to survive being blown up on a spaceship, or re-entry through Earth's atmosphere.

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Voted Aramax
January 6, 2017, 9:21
The Cosmic Era keeps growing in wonderful, horrible ways.......5/5

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