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July 15, 2016, 4:47 pm

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Eccentrica Gallumbits


Formerly known as Annika Monroe of New Newark Arco #6

Fascinated by: Young Annika Monroe was fascinated with sex entertainment, not just the act of coitus, but the celebrity, fame, and wealth that could come from being a successful sex media figure.

Seduced by: Annika, later turned Eccentrica Gallumbits after a famous British literary figure, was seduced by the transformative power of genetic modification, and she had an third breast grafted to her body,(as well as pioneering the creation of the almost mythical fourth hole, the super vagina) and having her erogenous zones hot-wired for higher and faster response times, turning herself into a mythical hyper-sexual super-woman.

Offended by: Eccentrica is offended by hetero-normative societal attitudes, modesty, and behavior rooted in religious relativism, and she routinely is seen as an outspoken member of the Anti-Religion League, and campaigns against the norms, rubes, muggles, dullards, prudes, and other people who have the nerve to be offended when she does public sex acts (under the guise of performance art)

Frightened by: Eccentrica is deeply and profoundly terrified that when she dies, she will go to a flaming Judeo-Christian lake of fire hell, prompting her anti-religion screeds, as well as pushing her to invest her impressive portfolio into anti-aging technologies.

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Voted Moonlake
July 18, 2016, 20:30
Works as a prostitute archetype.


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