Armor, Light or Armor, Medium

Weaponry, Light, or Weaponry, medium

Accessories - only beastmaster champions, and captains

Magic Items: only beastmaster champions, and captains


The Dungeon Beastmaster is the dungeon equivalent of the kennel masters, falconeers, and similar occupations where animal handling is the main skill. In action, the Dungeon Beastmaster can bring addition damage to the fight, as well as applying the skills and special abilities of the animals that they are controlling, and their advantages in the dungeon are only limited to the imagination and the animals that they have control over. If pressed, they can offer some hand to hand ability themselves, but for the most part they are controllers and not direct damage dealers.


Control Animal: Just like it says, this is their core power and it is how they are used in combat. The ability allows the beastmaster to influence their animal charges, and functionally control them like pokemon. Attack, evade, flank, most anything that can be distilled down into a single word command works. More complicated actions are beyond this power. When determining how many animals the Beastmaster can control, it is either twice their level in mundane animals, an equal level in uncommon animals, or half their level in magical creatures. A level ten Beastmaster could have twenty levels of warhounds, none more than half his level, such as four level five wolfhounds, or ten level two animals. The total number of animals cannot exceed their own level. If using something uncommon, such as bears, or falcons, it would only be ten levels of creature, but is there is only one, it can be more than half the beastmaster's level. Likewise with the magical creature, the afforementioned beastmaster could have a level five dragon hatchling.

Inhabit Animal: The beastmaster can release control of all of his animals except for one, and project his spirit into it, allowing the beastmaster to literally possess the creature and control it directly. This can allow a beastmaster to lead a pack directly be inhabiting the leader of the pack. It can also allow a beastmaster use a magical creature as a host and have it execute complex plans and do things it normally shouldn't do. This can also be used for spying, infiltration, and using the special abilities of an animal for the benefit of the dungeon.

Healing Surge: A beastmaster champion or Captain can Cure Light Wounds on his charges up to three times a day.

Ferocious Strike: A beastmaster champion can channel their will into their beast allowing it to mimic the True Strike spell once per day.

Summon Beast: The beastmaster can use this ability to summon a monster from the dungeon monster list, allowing it to replenish beasts lost in combat. This is a temporary power, and the beastmaster can only use the summoned monster for a single batle.

Summon Greater Beast: a Champion Beastmaster can summon a major creature from the dungeon monster list. This is a one shot action, as the champion collapses to the ground, reduced to one HP as they inhabit the beast. If their body is slain, the summoned beast goes into a frenzy, and will attack whoever is the closest to them.


Dungeon Beastmasters are the kennel masters, falconeers, beast tamers, and masters of the hunt for dungeon forces. They are used for tracking, hunting, sending messages, scouting, and using their beasts to draw the fire and fury of invading heroes. The Dungeon Beastmaster is designed to be used with the Dungeonverse and the Numinous Road

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