Chrysani is actually dead. She is the first and only one of two Divine Ones to have died. Her death is an event that would later and forever be known as the Godfall.

When the world was made Chrysani created the forests, plains, jungles, and all plant life. She is said to be the one who taught humans how to farm and live off the land. It is also said that before her death the power over the sun was her's, but afterwards Kolou took that power.

In life she was tall and lithe. Her eyes changed with the color of the leaves and her hair was brown. She glew green and had an aura of calm. Anywhere she went people would instantly become calm and more cheerful. She was always calm and kind. Her favorite places were gardens and farms. She disliked people who abused nature, such as cutting down more tree than necessary, but did not hate them and tried to help them as Kolou does.

After around 500 years of mankind's existence she found a man who loved plants more than any she had seen. She disguised herself as a human and began to spend a lot of time with him. Eventually she fell in love with him and eventually the two wed. The other eight Divine Ones knew, but no humans ever learned that a man known as Jaron had a Divine One for a wife and neither did he. Each decade she stayed on the Earth her power waned. After 50 years she became mortal and her only power left was that she was great at gardening and tending crops. Not long after that she died of old age and her corpse radiated waves of green energy.

For 50 miles, in the area where she died, there mystical forest that cannot be cut down and is ever regenerating. Food is always plentiful there and it is always calm. People that enter there find that they lose any and all desire to fight. The area is known as the Goddess Forest and is a sacred place. People often go there to escape life in the surrealness of the forest.

After the Godfall Hizeel went down to Earth and told humans the truth. He also told them that the Divine Ones would no longer visit for prolonged periods of time but they would always watch over them. He gave the order as leader that the other Divine Ones were not to spend any longer than 5 years on Earth. He also stated that they should be careful with their power while on Earth as Chrysani used her powers often.

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