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February 11, 2018, 10:11 am

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Decontamination Chamber


"This is a clean room environment. So we will have to pass through decontamination before we can enter." Researcher Gorgron Rogbutt, an Orc.

BACKGROUND: The Biomancers work with highly sensitive and often dangerous materials and lifeforms in their research. As such they have worked with the Technomancers to build systems to prevent contamination of their laboratories. Entry into these facilities is tightly restricted and anyone who wishes to enter be it authorized or not must follow biosafety procedures for clean room environments. This includes a thorough decontamination procedure.


Decontamination: When you enter this room you will notice that there is a large chamber in the middle with shower heads and a grated floor. The section is surrounded by blast resistant glass windows. There are some locker rooms on the other end of your side to put things in. On the wall there is a large sign that says the following:

"ATTENTION MANDATORY DECONTAMINATION: All personnel entering this area must undergo a thorough decontamination sequence before being permitted entry. No exceptions!"

The entrance to the this large chamber is marked with a sign with scrolling text above the door that says:

"DECON CHAMBER: Prepare for decontamination."

Place whatever gear you do not want to bring inside with you in the lockers and secure them. Then open the door to the Decon Chamber. Inside you will notice that the door leading to the other end of the room will be locked. There is a control panel that will start the decon process. Interact with it to proceed. A buzzer will sound and an automated voice will say:

"Decontamination sequence initiated. Please stand by."

Blast shutters will cover the windows and the shower heads will spray an anti-contaminant chemical on to everyone in the room. The floor will also release a powerful but safe vapor that will catch the undersides of the people inside. This will last for 60 seconds. Afterwards the vapor and sprays will shut off and the voice will announce the following"

"Decontamination sequence complete. Thank you for your patience."

The shutters covering the window will raise and the other door will be unlocked allowing you to enter the next area. The door you entered from will be locked on this side requiring you to repeat the decontamination again before passing through. All of the players armor, weapons, and other items will be completely cleaned of all blood, dirt, and grime etc as well as their bodies after the decontamination is completed.

NOTES: This room can be used in any setting. I personally designed it to be for a world in which medieval weapons and armor are still used and mounts are still the main mode of transport despite making massive progress in other forms of technology to reach sci-fi levels thanks to technomancy.

Additional Ideas (1)

Sound cute, I will add the chamber to my Paranoia game with some modification. I may have it clean ALL non organic material. The characters will end up having no clothing and the chemicals will also take off all hair.

2018-02-16 09:40 AM » Link: [8955#98261|text]
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Voted Cheka Man
February 11, 2018, 13:20
Useful for hospitals, labs and refugee camps.
Voted Scrasamax
February 11, 2018, 20:45
Only voted

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