Name: Daisy Cutter

Actual Name: unknown

Appearance: six-armed cyber-mechanical demonette

Ethnicity: Anglo-American

Gender: female

Age: early 40s

Occupation: Human Resource Management/street samurai

Residence: Geofront of El Dorado Arcoplex


Cyber-arms x4 - each arm has multi-joint functionality and the ability to equip a variety of manipulators or attached weapons. Attachments include buzzsaw, hold-out laser, plasma cutter, progressive knife (small hyperedge blade), multi-tool, drill, plasma flamer, and light auto-pistol. If multiple arms are slaved to a common task, Daisy Cutter can equip and use three rifle-type weapons, or use a single infantry support weapon by herself, including weapon systems that require up to three people to use.

cromwell chassis

Chemical augmentation system

cyber-centaur chassis, uses an arachnoid pattern with six stilt-like legs, an abdomen that houses a micro actinoid reactor, and a thorax that has mounts for two indirect weapons/support gear. Most often these are equipped with either 40mm mortar launchers (four barrel) or magnetic grapnels for vertical mobility. Daisy Cutter can easily mount and dismount from this body, and control it remotely.

Demolition charges, custom made. Daisy Cutter is infamous for dropping buildings, and turning plazas into corpse yards with said improvised explosives.


Geofront Resident - alternating between being a cybernetic centaur with six arms, and being a chromed-out waif, Daisy Cutter is well known and feared in the Geofront.

Green Nails Tong - long-time member, enforcer, and 'Mama Bear' who has experience in handling kids, and injured runners, but not the inner circle. A point of contention, as Daisy Cutter is a bleeding edge runner, with top-shelf mods.

Jina Tong - convert, after Green Nails refuse to promote her to a higher rank

Police - ACAB enthusiast

El Dorado Arcology - Daisy is a face card in the arco identity decks, they would like to get rid of her, but she is too well connected, or useful. She would like to see El Dorado burn, but until she can topple the golden tower, she is content to loot it, and pump it full of drugs, and sell its kids into indentured servitude


Daisy is a heavy/elite specialist in the shadow war game. As a heavily augmented cyborg, she has enhanced mobility, enhanced reactions, the ability to mount heavy weapons, carry and place demolitions and explosives, and exception hand-to-hand combat. She was a founding member of the Green Nails Tong, and a long-time figure in the New Manticore Geofront, whereas above mentioned, she is a person of extreme interest to the New Manticore Justice System. The extent of her modifications and high profile does demonstrate the power and backing she has, and the inability of said police power to reach her.


Daisy Cutter is a hard woman. What records remain indicate that she was born under the New Manticore Arcology. The Manticore Geofront was rather infamous for its human trafficking problems. The foremost of these problems was generally demonstrated in the Red Light Sector, S6. Brothels, bordellos, bathhouses, and such were the predominant business, such that the New Manticore was a world destination for sexual exploitation, the so-called Pink Market being listed as among the worst places on the planet. Raised as an orphan in the Geofront, Daisy's most likely prospect was to end up in the Pink Market or Sector 6, one way or another.

Then, she got her way out.

A Merryweather-manufactured Barbrady stepped on her.

The 40-ton BRB-4Y Barbrady was executing a pivoting maneuver while facing off against a pair of Scallywags (a scrap-built mech in the 20-40 ton range) and in the process missed its footing. Daisy attempted to find cover but was clipped by one of the treadles on the foot actuator. The good news was that there were medical units on site, and she didn't die. The bad news was that she suffered extreme thoracic trauma, and lost an arm. This doesn't consider broken bones, bruising, or the other side effects of being caught under 80,000 lbs of paramilitary police mech.

Merryweather Medical ended up saving her life and fixed her with some brutalist cybernetics, namely her Cromwell Chassis, replacing her pulverized ribs with a lamellar sheath of Ferro-plastic and myomer. While this radically changed her life, Daisy would consider it for the better. While the loss and replacement of her ribcage and right arm was more serious, for the Pink Market, her breasts being smeared across the remnants of a vape shop was a deal breaker. She replaced pink with chrome, and her climb toward being a runner started.

Daisy became addicted to augmentation, painkillers, and the cocktail of drugs normally given to full metal cyborgs. Each addition to her chassis was just another hit of the good stuff. Once she reached a basic limit for what her normal body could survive, she started outsourcing into external chasses, eventually settling on the six-legged cyber centaur model. With additional arms and legs, she gained the ability to climb vertical surfaces, cling to ceilings, and carry a payload of five hundred pounds with ease, and up to a ton by giving up most of her speed and range.

She came into her own when she demonstrated her ability to manage people, and more disturbingly, groom children. These children were not the ones destined for long careers in the pink houses and brothels, but the ones who would become future runners and extreme augments, like herself. It takes a good deal of emotional and spiritual trauma to convince someone to let an unlicensed self-educated doc cut them up and splice their organs into a metal robot. A few months or even a year or two working in one of the pink houses is usually enough to break someone's spirit, then getting them yoked to a controllable burning anger made them easy to manage.

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