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April 20, 2019, 12:00 pm

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Cyber-Satyrs are an uncommon but increasingly popular sexual/charisma based cyber and genetic modification profile


The Cyber-Satyr is characterized by three key features, digitigrade leg configuration, cranial decoration, and pheromone pumps.

The Digitigrade Leg is the most complicated modification as it requires the legs of the host to be completely rebuilt and regrown from the hip joint down. The heel becomes a 'false knee' and the toes form the entire 'foot'. This allows for the leg to be much more elastic movement, and for more decorative footwear to be worn. In practical application, the digitgrade modification increases the weight distribution of the host, making it rather easy for them to be stuck in soft or muddy terrain, but most cyber-satyrs are very much creatures of civilization, and there is very little mud in an arcology or space station. This gives cyber-satyrs a higher level of mobility, higher jump, and flexibility.

Cranial Decoration is typically some sort of horn or antler configuration. Most affect this as purely cosmetic, and have minimal decoration. Others use it as a social status display or if things get dicey, such decorations are good for goring and intimidation purposes.

The Pheromone pumps are an inescapable and seminal part of being a cyber-satyr. These pumps, typically associated with the lymph node regions, make cyber-satyrs highly desirable to potential mates. The longer they spend in contact with a specific person, the more the pumps will adapt to their specific biological profile.

Less common modifications include altering muscle and nerve tissue for higher endurance and reflexes, sculpting the face to appear more beautiful, modifications of the genitals for enhanced sexual performance, heightened senses, augmented eyes (typically cosmetic) and the general bag of other cosmetic mods, crazy hair colors, bio-luminescence, dazzle modification, and such.


Creating a cyber-satyr is relatively easy. The leg modification requires the growth or replacement of the legs with digitigrade legs. Mechanical prosthetics are more common than organic. Most looking to take this path are not interested in the amount of time it takes for new bones to be grown, and muscles to be stitched to them. Mechanical legs are cheaper and faster, and when it comes down to brass tacks, steel legs are stronger and more reliable than flesh and blood. Cyber-satyrs are also likely to be involved in some more depraved fetishes, steel toes are less vulnerable or sensitive than flesh and blood. Most of the other augmentations that go into a cyber-satyr are by the book modifications, and are not remarkable other than in their combination.

The origin of the Cyber-satyr is rooted in the revival of Sybarite Movement where the pursuit of pleasure and sexual gratification. The more extreme adherents of the movement sought out augmentation to further their capacity to give and receive sexual pleasure.

Cyber-Satyrs and Shadowrunning

After the widespread burnout of the Sybarite Movement, there were a fair number of neo-satyrs and a fair number of agencies that were proficient in creating them. The enhanced mobility, agility, and high social skills of the neo-satyrs made them valuable as scouts, recon forces, and faces for shadowrunning groups. While not overwhelmingly common, there are enough that seeing them in the places shadowrunners frequent isnt uncommon. Neo-Satyr agents favor missions that are tailored to their advantages of charisma and agility.

Cyber-Satyrs and Prostitution

Cyber-Satyrs have made an impact in the sex industry where their highly exotic looks combined with their well known seductive powers make them objects of desire, male and female alike. Few are reduced to subsistence level work, and most are high end escorts and sex-celebrities.

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Comments ( 1 )
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May 3, 2019, 6:03
Why were these not around when I was playing Blue :D
> The character could either pretend to be one of them, or
> Be annoyed to be mistaken for one of them
> Revel in being a "trendsetter" and "influencer" and having done the whole satyr thing before it was cool - and being hardcore enough to keep doing it after it stopped being cool
> Claim that "cheap sluts are satyrs, expensive sluts are Draenei"
> Actually feel less alienated from humanity due to cyber-satyrs being a thing


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