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December 31, 2006, 2:34 pm

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Collar of Time-Shifting


A Mithril collar with various high quality gemstones imbedded in it. It has a clasp in the back, and a hinge in the front to allow it to open and close.

The Magical effects of the collar are…complicated. They are listed in full detail under magical properties.

The collar of time-shifting was made by the great Alchemist Pitter. He was one of the few Alchemists in known history who had discovered the link between alchemy and time. Growing more and more in ability and power, he over-exerted his skills and erased himself, his home, his creations, and everything else within a league his house from existance.

Because of this bizzar catastrophy, there is not so much as a memory or legend of him anywhere in the universe, aside from those who can see outside of time, and even then, his existance is only a very faint shadow. No legend or stories or myths about him exist.

Those few objects that had managed to escape the radius of the accident still exist however. The Collar of Time Shifting is one of those items. One of his first creations that had recieved him so much fame…before he ceased to ever exist.

The collar is made of Mithril, and is very hard to destroy. It is studded with Gemstones of various nature, all rare however.

Magical Properties:

When it is worn in a critical situation, such as a battle or a life and death situation, it grants the wearer the ability to see into the future up to a minute. The distance that can bee seen is related to the emotional need (not actual need) of the wearer to do so.

However, Alchemy is based upon the principal of equivalent exchange. In order for the collar to work in a critical situation, the collar must have an equal cost at some other time.

When the wearer is not in a critical situation, all of his senses detect what had happened five seconds earlier. He may try to move his arm, but his arm will only move five seconds after he wills it to do so. He is actually moving in real time, however he sees the world in the past.

A person might offer to shake his hand, and when the wearer does not respond, move closer to see what is wrong, only to find himself being jabbed in the gut by the person wearing the collar. All movements would be completely disjoined, and the wearer would most likely fall every time he tried to take a step, or he would have to move very slowly.

In this state, the person is very vulnerable because his future sense is only activated by percieved danger, not actual danger. He could quite easily have his head lopped off while just sitting there.

A few things should be noted here.

One: the length of time the collar is worn effects only duration of the future-sense ability, not strength. The stronger the future sense, the faster the temporal equivalency is used up. Furthermore, the amount of future sense is disproportional to the amount of temporal disorientation required

Two: The future sense not only includes the awareness of the future, but also the awareness of the present and time in between. In other-words, there is no disorientation.

Three, The temporal energy is person oriented. The disorientation felt by one person cannot be used for the futer-sense of another. Each man must carry their own burden.

Lastly, Anytime the collar itself becomes the target of an attack while it is not being worn, it blinks five seconds into the future. It can do this a great many times before the accumulated personal charges it has gathered are used up, and being made of Mithral, it is hard to destroy even after it stops blinking.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Barbarian Horde
April 7, 2005, 22:18
Meh...I might have to get an account, just so I don't have to have the name "Barbarian Horde"...

Anywho, I think this item is quite unique in idea. Toss it to a character, and watch the humour unfold...The implimentation might be hard though.

One question: You mention charges, yet say the collar has a set limit to how far ahead it can see...Is it a direct ratio for how long (not how far) you can see the future and how long you've worn the collar before-hand to build up "credit"?
April 8, 2005, 15:17
I believe that I already answered that question in the description. But yes, that is what i said.
Voted Dream
December 5, 2005, 18:53
That is complicated. It would seem to be difficult to determine what is going on to a player who acquired this in a roleplaying game unless the DM were to provide some background or explanation. Probably I would not be good enough to moderate the use of such an item without really screwing it up, so I will leave this little goody to the experts.
Barbarian Horde
October 6, 2006, 17:17
How do you know about the 'Mithril collar'?
Voted valadaar
December 6, 2012, 13:59
What an odd little item. It takes a bit to get my head around it, especially about the emotional vs actual need.

I would consider a time when the wearer could have their head lopped off as a critical one.

There are bits of promise to this one, I like the idea that to see into the future comes at the cost of seeing things now.

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