The sun was setting and Hensaz loaded the wood into his cart. He finaly finished and let out a long sigh. It was dark now and it was a long walk home. He started pushing the cart full of wood down the road. After five miles the road turned and went passed the grave yard. The crypts cast eire shadows along the road. Sudenly something gave him the urge to go into the grave yard. He wandered deeper and deeper into it and sudenly triped over a tree root. In the grass was a long red shard of crystal it pulsed with a dim light. He picked it up looking it over. It pulsed faster and thoughts crept into his mind. They all wanted it all of them. Morning came and a small party of the town guard came to look for him. In the graveyard they found an old man gibbering and clutching the shard. When they tried to talk to him he stabed one with the shard. They killed the man but the body wasn't of a old man it was of Hensaz...

Magical Properties:

The gem is evil it uses its powers of illusions to make its owners go insane and makes them seem like gibbering old men. If in contact with the dagger for more than an hour it shows illusions of people stealing it from you or trying to kill you. It can cast sympathy on its self when it finds a owner it likes once affected the owner will become obbsesed with the dagger and kill anyone who says anything to them. Otherwise it is a normal dagger.

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