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November 18, 2005, 8:56 pm

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Children of the Families


The city of Yoralaruk knows how to keep it’s secrets, and it has many to hide. It is up to the heroes to discover what the truth behind it’s darkest secret.

Lopash Atstapsu has been murdered. The Lopash Thief Family is in dissaray. The great Lopash criminal structure that brought Atstapsu to the top is crumbling beneath his corpse’s feet and the great Thief Families of the City of Yoralaruk are all grabbing for their slice of the pie in the chaos. Though the City’s innefectual government has long handed over the true power of rulership to the Families, they now scramble to regain their hold, thus bringing more confusion into the matter. Scapegoating and finger pointing have led to an all out war in the streets between the Families and the heroes have been dropped down into the middle of it. Hired to discover the truth behind Atstapsu’s death by Lopash Replet, the heir to the throne of the most powerful Family in Yoralaruk, they must investigate the other Families, infiltrating the crumbling Thief Family system to help Replet, the man with the most to lose.

-the Families of Yoralaruk are the Lopash, the Ketong, the Teruukoa, the Szaatu, the Oryltupo, and the mysterious Tah.
-Replet can pay the heroes handsomely, however, they must be willing to be ruthless and treacherous.
-Unbeknownst to the other Families, the true lord of the shadowy Tah Family is an ancient Violet (Radiation) Dragon.
-Yoralaruk is certainly not a place for the very moral character. Slavery is the unquestioned norm. The rule by the Families is the ignored but open secret. Drug trade is a huge part of the economy, as is prostitution.

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Comments ( 5 )
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February 5, 2003, 3:35
i think is a good plot for a city adventure is reaaly good
July 7, 2003, 15:25
Cool idea.
October 17, 2003, 16:46
Good one. A nice blend of politics and combat. It'd be great to get a player hooked on some powerfully addictive drug without their knowledge. Could lead to some interesting aftereffects.
October 17, 2003, 23:51
This is one of my older ones from when I first joined.
Voted valadaar
June 28, 2011, 12:32

Funny that the last post was 'this is one of my older ones' and that post is from 8 years ago :)


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