There was once a group of minstrels, who weaved their magic through their music. These particular bards were adventurers, exploring the land, fighting evil with their skills, inspiring courage with music and tales of glory, and sneaking and using stealth, just as good as any rouge. Well, actually, they weren't that good.

But as they went about thier tasks, their chainmail was a problem. It clanked and clinked and clanked some more and caused a lot of trouble to them. So together they found the right metals, tough yet soft, forged them together, into the right shapes so that they would come together without sound. And they enchanted the armour, to not burden them as normal chainmail would. But alas, they could not do so. The bardic minstrels paid a large fortune to a mighty wizards, and in return he cast his many spells, cantrips, enchantments and rituals. Eventually the chainmail was perfect. It shone green, blue, purple and yellow, and many other colours, and it was as light as leather. And most importantly, it made no sound.

The minstrels were very happy about this, but they never quite realized the main faults until many years later. The wizard that cast the spells was a slacker. He imprisoned the souls of evil spirits, and used their energy to cast his enchantments. So the souls of the evil spirits held the magic of this armour, what if they were to become angry, upset, or naturally, just evil.

Magical Properties:

This armour funtions like normal chainmail, but it is as light as leather armour, and makes no sound. If a bard wished to move silently, he would suffer no penalties. Also, magical bells cover this armour, which, on command will tinkle together and create a beautiful sound. However, at any time, any circumstance, the evil spirits bound in the magic of this chainmail can awaken and cause catostrophic things to happen.

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