You are sitting in a bar when...

A codex to collect great campaign starters!


As a part of each characters background, one of these stones becomes their birthright. The campaign begins after they have been drawn together and happened to be present when


The PCs are part of an effort to track down and capture/destroy the various baddies spawned by the starfall. They then come to find these are simply the heralds for a much greater world-shaking event that they need to stop.


1. Old-School Dubbed Kung-Fu (movie-game)
2. Hard-Core Tekumel
3. Game of Thrones (Again!)
4. Solo (plus 0-3 more PCs) game with Kate Hammerhill
5. Solo (plus 0-3 more PCs) game with Moruz
6. Comedic Horror Movie
7. Age of Explorers 15th-17th century. Discover and explore the Americas, with a twist (bwahahahahaha)
8. Aces and Airplanes (I figured out how to do an rp while mostly just flying planes!)
9. A game that is happening *during* an Apocalypse, as opposed to post-
10. Conan's Hyperborea (again! But even more Conan-y!) or Solomon Kane for that matter.
11. Moorcock's Elric Saga
12. Thieves World-Sanctuary/ Liavek, City of Luck
13. Sharpe's Rifles!!!
14. A proper Sherlockian Victorian saga
15. Bodies and Bullets (you're guns. I'm still thinking this one through :P)
16. Wizard of Oz world. (Yes, I read ALL of the books)
17. A proper LA gumshoe or cops and gangsters noir
18. Mystery game (you won't know what it is until you play it)
19. A supers game (something new and fresh or hard-core golden/silver age)
20. A proper dark-ish Western
21. Whatever last book or movie I've read or seen that gets me excited.
22. A game beneath the surface of the Moon, or any moon, Mimas, Enceladus, Titan, whatever...
22. A sci-fi game that doesn't emphasize the sci, but rather the reality of the human condition.
23. Cats and Canines (yes I can!)
24. Ad&d, anytime, any day.
25. Buck Rogers
26. Any game with Siren no Orakio
27. He-Man/Thundercats
28. submissions only game
29. James Bond
30. Jasper Morello
31. Historical of any kind
32. Dune
33. Anything AG Coldforged related
34. You play the part of famous people throughout history.
35. G2
36. Amnesia
37. Doc Savage/Fu Manchu