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April 24, 2012, 12:50 am

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CRTF: Session 2


My commentary and thoughts on the session we played tonight.

The Players:

Roy: Playing a child-like angel who was assigned to the CRTF. Speaks in third person, is innately curious about everything, and seems extremely naive. Has a strong preference for shotguns. None of the other players are aware that she's an angel, although they're definitely aware she's not normal. (Reva)

Chi: Playing a sarcastic and slightly arrogant martial artist. Gets along well with Kate. (Anise)

Kim: Playing a career criminal, who hacked into the CRTF network and was forced to join the task force as a result. Is also highly sarcastic and arrogant. Is only passable in combat. (Kate)

Zed: Playing a hardened cop who is extremely serious at all times. The most 'straight' character of the bunch, as well as the moral core (from what I can see thus far). Showed signs of his coitophobia when the other players where bantering about Aemilius being an escort/prostitute. (Lennard)

Moh: Playing the face of the group. Lecherous wine fanatic who was brought on to help the group infiltrate the various cults. (Aemilius)

Nick: Playing a veteran cop. Did not participate this session. (Jack)



Important Plot Events:
Players got their first hands-on with an animal sacrifice. One player accidentally contaminated some of the evidence, while another player got a lucky crit on an observation roll, finding a dufflebag left behind by the criminals.

A contact spoke with the Rat about her concern over her past friend, David. She lied the entire time- she knows he's the cult leader, and lied blatantly about how involved she and David both were.

Kyle was pulled over by the FBI for speeding while on the way to the meeting with Lucy. He was unhappy with this.

Late at night, players were interrupted by reports that men were leading a cow to Harvard Square for another sacrifice. Upon interrupting the meeting, shots were traded. The ringleader got away after executing one of his own men who slipped on the cow's blood. The car chase started out bad, with Kyle taking a bullet to the right arm. Reva managed to disable the enemy driver with another critical success, ending the chase in a spectacular fashion due to the driver she hit losing control of their SUV and rolling over.



I fudged the vast majority of the car chase, for expediency.

Kyle's injury will put an unlucky PC in a leadership role. (Possibly Lennard or The Rat)

Only Kyle and Lucy featured this session.

My players still have a great time interacting with one another.


Next Session:

Interrogation of the four guys they managed to catch. Likely to be extremely fun for all sides.

The Duffle Bag. Kate, the foresnsics person, is likely to deal with the majority of this.

Father Michaels. Since Lennard has issues with the cathloic church, this should be interesting.

Likely an angelic appearance (in disguise, of course).


Final thoughts.

Two crits on a 3d6 roll? Lucky bastard. This session was also much less intense plot-wise because I handed things over to the players immediately.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Silveressa
April 25, 2012, 2:14

Another fun recap, I can see the over all sub plots intertwining and it sounds as if the players are becoming more comfortable with their chars and group dynamics. One small thing I would enjoy seeing is th ename of each players character included in "The Players" section, it makes it easier when reading the recap to know which char is whom.

I'm also curious, how long are your sessions and how often do you get to play?

Voted Kassy
July 30, 2012, 12:12
Only voted
Voted valadaar
May 16, 2013, 10:41
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