The "Continent" of Bylarian is the western part of The Greater Bylarian continent. The two parts are divided by the wide range of very, very tall mountains called "The Great Divide", by people on both sides of the range. There is no pass transversing the range, so any travel between the two parts is currently by sea.

In terms of climate and geography it is much like Europe (Central and Southern, only a small portion reaches as far north as most of Northern Europe.) It faces the same kind of prevailing winds from the oceans. There are various transverse ranges across Bylarian, but most mountains are to the east, leading into the Great Divide.

The history of Bylarian is colored forever by The Arcturan empire. Each of the nations in Bylarian was once one of the eight Doms unified by the empire. Over the centuries various other borders and political groupings have occurred. However, the borders defined so long ago by the Empire are the "accepted" ones.

The Eight Doms


: North Western Dom about the twice the size of Germany. It is a hilly country bounded on east and south by the Calipsi river. (The river splits as it comes out of the Calepen range to a north running and west running branch.) These country has the dubious distinction of being the battlefield of Bylarian. Coulrenia has also been broken up, assembled, and reassembled many, many times. It is only recently that the Dom has once again become one country. it borders Khechen, Kendoria, and on a tiny stretch Kendaria. (Culture Template: 30 year war Germany)


: The southern most dom, this coastal dom is akin to a Italy and a half in size. This Dom is currently divided into two states, Eastern and Western. The eastern state is the smaller of the two, ruled by The Prince of Galrhenia. Western Galrhenia, which holds the Pyroni region (south bound Peninsula - smaller than Italy), is rules by the Greater Prince of Galrhenia. The two states have a great apathy towards each other, but will come to each other's defense if some other country threatens them. It borders Kendaria, Kenszharia, Zaldari. (Culture Template: Italy and Portugal)


: Approximately the Size of France. It is the central Dom for the Eastern half of Bylarian. Once the center Bynor - one of the Splinter Empires of the post Acturian era - it has forever been one of the dominant Doms. Borders Ke'zanie, Khechen, Kendaria and Western Galrhenia. (Culture Template: generic fantasy)


: This is the Middle Western Dom, bordering Galrhenia, Kendaria, Kenszharia, and Zaldari. It is the "oldest" part of the Bylarian, as several older cultures started here, several important religious sites and cities are here, the capital of the Arcturian Empire was here. Traditionally seen as the Leaders of Bylarian, that is mostly a honorific post as they do not have the power to back up that claim. (Culture Template - Generic Fantasy with touches of Italy and Germany)


: This is a small Belgium sized Dom nestled between other Doms (Kendoria, Galrhenia, Zaldari, and sometimes Kendaria. This country is nestled in three sets of idylic valleys. It is often the political football, owned by who ever is the more recent "winner" in the game of war. The craftsmen here get rich selling goods to every country around them. (Cultural template: Belgium + Switzerland)


: The North Eastern Dom, approximately the size of the old Eastern Block (yet oriented east west). This sparsely populate and backward Dom still produces some of the most dangerous warriors known. It borders Kendaria and Ke'zanie. (Culture Template: Russia)


: This is the east most Dom that "claims" most of the western accessible parts of the Great Divide. There are a number of petty kingdoms here, but the largest, ruled by the High Spiritual One, is actually called Ke'Zanie. It borders Khechen and Kendaria. (Culture Template: Tibet)

Zaldari or Ke'Zaldari

as it is said in ancient texts is the south western Dom. It is the size of the Iberian Peninsula . Culturally, its roots are the most different from the rest of Bylarian (except for Ke'zanie). These feisty, independent people, have two sides: the more rural magical and "pagan" vs the more urban, industrial, and following the dominant religion of Bylarian. They also speak their own language amongst themselves. They are well known sailors and performers. Their land borders Kendoria and Western Galrhenia. (Culture Template: British Isles - focus Ireland)

This can serve as a solid background to use.

It can serve as the "over there" with your continent being Eastern Bylarian.

It can be just a convenient holding place for various countries that you might use one or two of.

Yes, eventually each country will get its own submission. One is even started.

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