Biomorphosis is not new, and is actually quite old and well known. It is also almost exclusively the realm of dark fantasy and fiction. The anecdotes of the werewolf or the wolfman are the handed down folk legends of ancient biomorphs. Parapsychics have existed for a very long time, but have only appeared in any measurable number in the Cosmic Era.

The Big Secret

Biomorphosis is a branch of the 'Body' realm of parapsychic ability and is related to healing, physical augmentation, and biomanipulation expressions like pheromone production, or biopneumatics (altering the size of body parts without largely changing their structure). This renders biomorphosis being in the most common manifestation of parapsychic powers.

The manifestion of biomorphosis starts early and is easy to recognize. Biomorphs tend to develop incomplete transformations and altered behavior as their powers emerge. It is very rare for a biomorph to fully erupt into their alternate form. This makes it easy for monitors to find biomorphs while they are still weak and not in control of their powers, and to handle them as case warrants.

The Truth

The powers that be in the CE distrust biomorphs and hunt them down. The majority are nerve stapled and drugged, and those that prove resistant or are regenerators are exterminated.

The Biomorph is a natural shapeshifter, and this isn't just physical, it includes their mindsets, their appearance, their spirit, everything. This makes them very hard to control, and resistant to things like indoctrination or mind control. This goes against the interests of the power brokers, an uncontrollable asset is as bad as an enemy or rival to those who are obsessed with control.

Continued Truth

There is a second reason that biomorphs are carefully controlled. During dimensional fatigue events, the plastic nature of biomorph biology actively works against them. Their powers tend to be amplified, and their alternate forms become stronger, more atavistic, and their control over them degrades. Biomorphs are also prone to contamination and outsider influence. Even if a biomorph seemingly escapes a DFE unscathed, there is no way to tell if they picked up a biomorphic parasite or infestation along the way. Such things can lurk for weeks or even years before emerging as frightening threats to humanity.

The chance of a biomorph becoming a carrier for something like a nihilid or plasmid lifeforms is generally considered justification for the inhumane treatment of potential biomorph parapsychics.

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