An elderly woman beggar is found at the site of a murder of a very wealthy store owner. For lack of other suspects and the town's outcry for quick justice, the corrupt justice system quickly condemned her and sentenced her to public execution. Throughout the trial she continually swore that Lord Barlow, a resident royal, was the murderer she witnessed fleeing. Lord Barlow had many witnesses swearing to his whereabouts at the time of the murder and her testimony, that of a beggar, was ignored.

As she was tied to the stake and the fire started below her she shouted words that would haunt the city, 'I curse you, Lord Barlow, and the city that created you. I pledge that at the moment of my death you will no longer have peace of mind or peace of family until this wrong is righted.'

From the moment of her death the city began being plagued by insect infestations, uncontrollable fires, people having a madness taking over them causing them to do evil things, anything you can think of to disrupt a city has or will happen.

The only way to stop the curse is two part. First is to get the ashes of the beggar women and take them to her homeland or something similiar. Then they must make Lord Barlow pay for his wrong which is the most important.

One of the servants of Lord Barlow may turn him over if it comes down to it. Whether they know something or not they may sacrifice him to stop the curse.

Could make him burn at the stake, whether by proving him guilty and having the law convict him or inciting a mob to end the curse. Mob might make an interesting dilemma for good aligned characters or an easy way out for others.

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