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April 2, 2009, 11:41 pm

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Bai Yu (White Death Rain)


A mutant mouse with a few surprises.

This submissions was desgined for a modern supers campaign, but could be adapted to other super campaigns with a little work. )

Standing a little over waist high to the average human, this silk white mouse seems to be at once relaxed and half aware, yet moving with the grace of a ballet master.

She often dresses in simple light clothing, generally of kevlar reinforced leathers that have been dyed to match her fur color.

This gives most who first see her the impression she is entirely unclothed, a scant second of surprise she is accustomed to using to her advantage.


Maria spent the first 8 years of her life on a farm on on the outskirts of small country town. However the farm was shut down due to pollution by leaking waste containers that had seeped into the ground water and soil, from illegal dumping.

When she moved away from the secluded countryside for life in the big city, Maria took her mini garden along in a wash tub, complete with dirt. Having grown up on the farm and used to the countryside, she protested loudly about the move, so her parents decided to allowing her the small piece of home in the hope of quelling further arguments.

Less than 6 months later she was given a pet for her birthday, a small mouse, (her mom was allergic to cats and dogs) which she fell in love with, growing some vegetables in her garden for the pet.

Months later after the vegetables had ripened Maria eagerly shared them with her mouse quickly feeling ill before collapsing next to it’s small furry body. After waking up she found out her mouse was missing and she was covered in silken white fur.

When she went to ask her mother what happened, her mom immediately scream, believing her to be some kind of sewer mutation that had eaten her daughter. When she noticed her father grabbing his shotgun, she fled through an open window and into an alley, where she continued to run, quickly getting lost in the city sewers.

Hopelessly lost, with a chilling November Rain puring over her she did what any normal 9 year old would do, she began to cry long and loud, the sound of her altered voice making her all the more frightened and lonely. Fortunately a mutant leopard on the prowl heard her cries, and rescued her form the ghetto.

The mutant leopard Tranquil Forest, was originally a martial arts student who attempted to become one with the bestial essence of Leopard style kung fu through an alchemical potion his sensi helped him decipher.

Unfortunately the tincture mutated him into a mutant leopard. Though he had originally believed to be cursed, his sensi insisted he had been blessed with the body of a beast to help correct the wrongs of the world and that he should use it to bring justice and prowl the concrete jungle.

Taking pity on the poor creature, Tranquil Forest comforted the girl and explained to her she had been changed for a reason, and how her new form could be used to help others.

Over the next ten years he taught her the same marital arts he knew, Aikido and Leopard style kung fu along with his considerable skills with the tonfa baton. He also was insistent she master the arts of stealth, and a deadly familiarity with pistols.

Most valued by Maria however was her Sensi’s unique 3 tenant philosophy.

"He who shouts loudest can only hear his own voice. Those with true knowledge listen to those with true faith. And those with closed ears never hear the swing of the reaper’s blade."

As he taught her, these tenants meant only speak when words are necessary. Learn the beliefs of your opponent, and always listen for their friends.

"Forget being taught and concentrate on learning. When you’re sure, question everything."

As she learned the true meaning was to learn from every situation no matter how simple. As well as always question what you’ve learn to be sure it has been learned correctly.

His final tenant was "The cowardly hide behind technology. The stupid hide from it. But the clever have technology, and hide it."

He carefully showed her many of the worst criminals hid behind their weapons and their gadgets, and when disarmed were often afraid and helpless. Those who cannot comprehend technology shun it, and rely on others to do things for them or ways that are not always the best. And lastly, Always carry a hidden pistol, but never draw it until you have no other choice.

His way of teaching was one of silence and careful consideration. To not only ponder the consequences of your actions before you take them, but do so in the space of a heart beat and act as if your whole life has been lived for this one moment.

As Maria grew older she began to accompany her surrogate father on his nightly forays for justice, and learned to use her innate abilities to their fullest.

Now as she nears her 20th birthday, she has taken on the Name of Bai Yu, Chinese for White Death Rain, and is yearning to make a larger difference. As well as test her skills to the limit, and make the concrete jungle safe for innocents all who dwell within.

Special Equipment

A pair of tonfas with retractable blades and reinforced methal claw coering are her primary weapons of choice.

She also carries a single desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol hidden on her back, chambered with armor piercing rounds, although she only uses this as an absolute last resort. The unexpected appearance of such a powerful firearm in the hands of a martial arts master, and her skill with it, often surprise and then remove particularly troublesome opponents in short order.

Roleplaying Notes

Her sudden expulsion from her family has left deep emotional scars upon Maria, and thus she goes out of her way to rescue and help children, especially runaways. This soft spot has gotten her into trouble more than once, and nearly gotten her killed when the runway turned out to be part of a dangerous street gang.

She privately harbors a distrust and disdain for vigilantes and heroes that rely heavily upon technology, believing them to be almost helpless and ineffective the moment their "toys" are rendered useless.

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Comments ( 5 )
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May 15, 2008, 2:49
Updated: Fixed some minor html coding problems.
Voted Cheka Man
May 15, 2008, 13:33
Only voted
Voted Murometz
May 15, 2008, 20:41
Ok, I wanted to love this, i did. A mutant mouse is right up my alley. And I think it is a great NPC for a supers game. Heck, its a great PC even.

This starts off great! My only nitpick would be that aside from the fact that a mutant mouse super is a nice, original, idea, her tale, as it unwound, became a bit cliche and a tad generic. Now, I know that a supers background is a supers background, and it fits the bill, but...

I loved the character as I started reading, yet grew more neutral as her story unfolded. It is the type of background that can fit any super.

Geez, I'm not sure I'm being clear here. What I'm trying to say is, I find Bai-Yu a great character, but the story left something to be desired. Hope that made some sense.

Anyhoo, an interesting and oh so usable NPC. And not just supers. She can be dropped into ANY 'weird' modern game really. Kudos.

+.5 for actually making a supers NPC. Moon will love you.
Voted valadaar
May 15, 2008, 21:03
I have to agree with Muro - to me this feels like a TMNT character and a little generic. You could have said turtle/hamster/whathaveyou and the rest of the background would not need to be altered. How has her life/world view been affected by being an animal? Apart from being the cause of her being cast out, it has little apparent effect.
Voted Megamet
September 1, 2009, 13:55
Okay, now I'm pretty sure Bai Yu actually means white rain in chinese, but other than that, I echo has said. This is a good and versatile character. The only complaint I have is that we don't really know how the transformation happened, but I can probaly phase that over. Probaly with a kind of supernatural plant that fuses the bodies of different people when the same stalk is eaten by more than one living creature- hold that thought, I need to write it down.


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