In the wild plains there grows a rare flower whose beauty is renowned the world over. The flower only grows in plains where Strong magic has been used frequently. Due to the amount of value one can get from these flowers of gold and silver, they have developed a truly amazing defense, if one of these flowers is picked, they explode violently. This explosion melts the gold and silver and sends it flying in a 10 foot radius. Because the flowers can grow anywhere from 2-3 feet this is very unexpected and many greedy thieves been sent to the grave due to the large amount of molten metal flying into their eyes and necks. The only way to pick these flowers is to use sleeping magic to knock them out long enough to get them out of the ground. Once out of the ground they can be transplanted and from there can be used as decoration for those who don't know what it can do. They can also be used as a booby trap or assassination tool.

Feel free to comment on this submission as I intentionally left it open ended so you can add you ideas on things to do with these.

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