The Arachanadi I summoned - lets call her Alchi, was an impressive specimen. Her head was a good 6' from the ground, and she took up as much a space as a couple of drover's wagons. Her hairless chitlin was painted a crisp white, with black runes painstakingly inscribed all over, giving her a grey cast at any distance. Her eight eyes gleamed like rubies and betrayed no expression.

My offering of six fine boars pleased Alchi, who immediately fed on the first, and quickly trussed up the remainders in webbing while we spoke. The Arachanadi speak with a voice far clearer than one would expect from a spider. Not hissing or clicking, but a full throated alien, almost feminine voice.

I had deliberately sought out Alchi, for she - I presume a she, though I did not ask that question - had unmatched knowledge in a specialized area of magic I was researching, one I shall not bore you with.

Had my offering not pleased her it would have been .. unfortunate. At best she would have left immediately, or she may have attempted to taken me in place. They are not above feeding on man, nor for keeping ‘pets'.

She answered my queries quickly and concisely, nearly faster than I could write it down, but I daren't ask her to repeat herself, for each question bore a price and I was already at my limit.

I had thought she would depart once our transaction was complete, but was mistaken. She had taken a liking to the food of this world, and left my lab through the simple expedient of walking. I understand she caused no end of havoc, including interfering with a local war of succession.

Arachanadi are Greater Beings, like Demons or Angels, though they always take on physical, arachnid forms. Their individual forms vary greatly, but never far enough to be considered anything but arachnid in form. An Arachnon will fill a 10'x10 room in their natural form, brushing the ceiling in most places as well. They frequently take on smaller forms as needed to navigate more confined places.

Arachanadi are amoral and selfish, but do not enjoy violence. They find intelligent beings interesting, but are unable to feel empathy with them.

They are interested in the physical splendor of the multiverse, dwelling in unusual and spectacular places. They explore arcane knowledge, sometimes devoting decades to exploring some tiny niche in mystical knowledge.This knowledge, and their relatively reasonable natures makes them desirable subjects for summoners.

Elemental and Alchemical magics appeal the most to them and they have special interest and ability in poisons, with potent and sometimes surprising effects.

In physical combat an Arachanadi will attempt to stun foes with kicks and then deliver a venomous bite, with the effects depending on the situation. If they feel threatened, the venom is deadly poison. Otherwise paralytic, narcotic or ‘experimental' venoms may be used. Their exoskeleton is tremendously tough as befits their Greater status, with enchanted weapons having the best chance of injuring them.


Arachanadi appreciate jewelry and abstract carvings. They do not find depictions of most creatures - including their own - overly appealing. Foodstuffs - live creatures - hold great appeal for them, especially vertebrates of all descriptions.

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