Alethia Goodchild

Alethia Goodchild is a very strange looking woman, entirely too thin, and too tall. She has trendy violet hued hair and a complexion that can only be described as chalk like. She is an obvious augmentation junkie, to the casual viewer. She is aloof, seldom speaks, and has something of a detached predatory nature.

Genetically engineered and biologically tuned to an almost unsustainable level, Alethia Goodchild is a black ops produce of Vatmuara BioSciences in Balkanistan (modern day Albania). Alethia started as a mass production sex clone, but was taken by Vetmuara engineers and heavily modified, and her body was seriously and in some areas, dangerously changed. Alethia has superhuman reflexes, insectile agility, and a perverse predatory sexual nature that is only shared by things like praying mantises and black widow spiders. She also has emotional dampeners, which limit not only the emotions she is capable of feeling, but the extent to which she can feel them. As such, she cannot understand the concept of fear beyond self-preservation. She doesn't form emotional bonds with casual acquaintances, and her relationships with others are at best, exploitative.

In terms of being a template for a supersoldier or special ops, she is technically a failure, as her training was faulty, her engineering was questionable, and the cost of her creation was prohibitive to a mass produced series.

Alethia escaped Balkanistan and found political asylum in New Themyscira, where Federation trained gene-engineers were able to reverse some of the more deleterious genetic issues she had. As a political refugee, Alethia technically has nothing to do with Amazon operations. She has in the past provided ample amounts of information to the New Amazons, and has done a number of rescue missions. More than one VIP has been rescued from a hostage situation by the freakishly flexible Goodchild. When not functioning as an Amazon black ops, Alethia struggles with the fact that she wants nothing more than to be a mother, but her engineering is such that she is only fertile to and emotionally available to Neal Goodchild, her genetically engineered 'husband' and counterpart in the Vatmuaran 'syzygy' programming.

Excerpt from failed 30

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