Aggro is a cocktail of vasopressin, testosterone, caffeine, and synthetic endorphins. Snorting an Aggro tab gives the user a rapid rush of euphoria and a generally sense of fearlessness and invulnerability. Mercenaries and shadowrunners will use Aggro when facing daunting tasks, such as BASE jumping into a firefight, or charging into a melee in the middle of a Dimensional Fatigue Event.


Aggro is a completely legal, but restricted substance. It is marketed to private security and security contractors, as well as certain segments of the military. It is typically marketed as 'Balls' in a tab, or instant courage, turning meek men into raging action heroes.

For those adverse to the drug culture tab snorting aspect, Aggro is also being made available in other forms, including an 'Energy Shot' 1 ounce shooter, a chewable gum like substance, and a hypodermic spray.

For long term use, there is a continuous release body patch. Use of this should be carefully monitored, misuse or extended use can cause health problems.


Quick short term buffs to Strength and Agility/Dexterity.

Pain response is muted (if using pain modifiers, these modifiers are cut in half)

Self Control is reduced, and if violence or aggression are potential answers to a situation, the user is much more likely to take them.

Social stats take a negative modifier. Aggro users are on edge and 'bristly' spoiling for a fight. Or that other thing that starts with an F.


Crash period afterwards, lethargy and pain sensitivity. Many treat this with painkillers or chemical distractants like alcohol.

Aggro regular users are very likely to develop addictions to painkillers or alcohol.

Anti-social behavior from excess testosterone in the bloodstream.

Female users can develop excess body hair and see changes in their menstrual cycle.

Male users can develop low testosterone as their body drops its own production due to overabundance of synthetic testosterone. This can cause a reduction in body hair, loss of muscle mass, decreased sex drive, and a decrease in genital size.

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