What is a Fisto?

Quite simply a Fisto is a man or woman who has had one of their hands and or arms replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic. This is not an off the shelf replacement but rather a custom job with enhanced strength and sometimes even a comically oversized hand actuator, just for extra punchiness. Fistos are not subtle, nuanced, or particularly charismatic. But if you have a problem that can be solved by a really big hand or the ability to punch the everloving fuck out of something, they are totally the people to call.

1. Major Fisto


Major Fisto is a military man, with suitable combat training, with an emphasis on hand to hand and close quarters combat. Major Fisto was so good at it that when he lost an arm, rather than getting a regular prosthetic he opted for the oversized Peterbilt-Wentworth P-5000 hydraulic Arm with variable weight rumlows for extra oomph. The Major is a simple man, he likes BBQ, and football, books about war, porno, hardwood furniture, and punching the fuck outta pukes and punks.

2. MeFisto

Good guy, bad guy? I'm the guy with the giant fist!

MeFisto is a guy (or gal) who has looked into the abyss of the Cosmic Era and has lost a few marbles. Their response to mind numbing horror, and body mutilation, is the installation of a cybernetic arm with a Rock 'em Sock'em Robots variable hand actuator. MeFisto has a variety of attachments that they can use, from the mundane cyber-hand, to a screw on spike studded morning star, to a high speed buzzsaw. The more carnage the merrier.

Rocket Fist with fist reloads, check.

Hydraulic Ram actuator for increased tension, check

Retractable knuckle spikes, check

TASER Fist battery charged, check

3. Captain Fisto

Lets! Get! Fiiiiiiiiiiisty!!!

Captain Fisto isnt a military man, but he would like to think he is. He is a freelancer who opted for the least intrusive and most intimidating cyber arm he could find. The Captain is an unwitting agent of chaos, and destruction follows in their wake, along with comments and actions that bounce between hilarious and deeply disturbing. Aka FistPool, or DeadFist

This looks like a job for :sucker punch: dumbass

I used to be ashamed of my enormous and borderline inhuman appendage :flexes giant fist: But now with this giant hand my penis looks normal sized when I hold it

4. Iron Fisto

Iron Palm Strike! Awakening Steel Tiger Exploding Fist Technique!

Iron Fisto has studied martial arts, likely at a McDojo, and harbored dreams of awakening as a parapsychic warrior capable of stunning and physics defying acts of violence and destruction. Alas, this was not the case, and the next best thing was cybernetics. Iron Fisto has augmented strength and dexterity, and a hand designed for fighting. He uses cascade martial arts for multiple attacks, and while focused and determined, is something of a boor. Iron Fisto is likely to have a bizarre ethical code, deep admiration for eastern philosophy, and will talk about chakra, chi, and dim mak while oiling their combat components. They will also name their attacks, and will call them out in combat.

5. Tuxedo Fist

Where the majority of Fistos are highly destructive one dimensional caricatures, Tuxedo Fist likes to think themselves a proper and refined gentleman, and while their arm is a prosthetic engine of destruction, it is understated and tasteful. They have expensive clothing, even dabbling in decontractee armure. Tuxedo Fist hasnt used charisma as their dump stat, and would like to think of themselves as a James Bond who's ace up their sleeve is a mach 3 turbo punch.

There are also Cocktail Fists, women who have low profile prosthetic arms and impressive punching power, but dress it up in cutting edge fashion.

6. Twin Fisto

If one cybernetic arm and super punching fist is awesome, having two doesn't double the awesomeness, it multiplies it by itself. Don't try to argue semantics or the finer points of mathematics with a Twin Fisto because their MO in life involves three stages of punching things and one stage of reaping rewards and profits. Twin Fisto believes in the ethos of turning the body into a weapon, and in their case, that weapon is a twin cyber-fisted punching machine.

I call my fists Sweet Dreams and Rest in Peace, one will send you to the hospital, one will send you to the morgue.

I'm in a twelve step program, the first eleven steps are all punches, and the 12th step is going to the bar for beers.

7.Horror Fisto

Horror Fisto doesn't have a cybernetic augmentation, they have a horrifically mutated arm and shoulder that ends with a wicked nightmare of a hand. This is rarely deliberate, but more often the symptom of exposure to a toxic mutagen, proximity to a dimensional fatigue event, or some other travesty. Horror Fisto is a monster man with a giant hand, who is going to do horrible things to you.

There are Lady Horror Fistos. I'm sorry.

Major Fisto Variants

The Fisto doesn't have to be limited to cybernetic fists. There are some other options that can cosmetically be swapped out with fists.

THE CLAMP! - rather than a fist, the Fisto has a power driven clamp instead of a hand. Great for bashing, and strong enough to crunch through limbs, crumple armor, and otherwise murder, mutilate, and maim. The Clamp can also work like cybernetic scissors and cut things in half for shits and giggles. The PCs have to face a Horror Fisto with a crab claw that takes off limbs, or a Iron Fisto who specializes in holds, with their giant clamp hand.

The Driller - a big sci-fi anime drillbit, great for stabbing into things and causing all sorts of damage. Especially gory if jabbed into something soft, like an abdomen, or the exposed eye of a cosmic horror monsters. Drill-o's are less utilitarian than fistos, because a drill is just a drill and not useful for holding things, or really much else.

Tentacle - the cybernetic tentacle is a viable option (ala Doc Octopus). Long reach, multiple attachments, completely unsubtle, totally fits into an anime/hentai/cybernetic horror trope. Steel Tentacle wavers can have a single large cybernetic tentacle, or can have a cluster of suitably smaller units instead.

BLASTO!!! - Blastos replace their hand and or lower arm with a weapon, like MegaMan, but lacking the childlike appearance or whimsical romp through robot side scrollers. Blastos are serious because by modding weapons into their bodies they have made themselves illegal, and barred from anyplace like a spaceship, spaceport, airport, any public transit system, arcologies, or anywhere with a law enforcement operating above a 50% level. Tuxedo and Cocktail Blastos have concealed forearm weapons, Twin Blastos are trigger happy but cant wipe their own rears, Major Blasto probably has some PTSD and a membership in Amerikka Command

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