1. Perchance, to Love!

The young prince has sought out the aid of the local band of heroes because his betrothed has gone missing. This must be kept in absolute confidentiality as it would cause no small amount of scandal if the commoners and the court were to learn that the princess of the kingdom has gone missing. Of course, it must be malfeasance on the part of some jackdaws and neer-do-wells, because their betrothal is well known, and many celebrate the pending nuptials of the arranged marriage.

2. The Man in the Iron Mask

The man is a penitent, locked in a device or under the effects of a curse that hides his identity, he claims to be a long-lost prince, and he was deposed as a child and punished thusly. He has since escaped his captors and promises the kingdom's wealth to those stalwart and true-hearted men willing to help him reclaim his throne. The young man is driven by an intense mania, and he will pursue his goal even if it means his own death, or throwing the entire kingdom into a brutal civil war, or rending it with a war of succession.

3. Ow! My Balls!

To ensure that there are no questions of succession when a new king's heir is secured, his brothers are taken into custody and ritually and publicly castrated. Should they have male children, these boys are also castrated and then gifted to the clergy. Thus, the peace of the kingdom and the line of the king is preserved without challenge or war. Trouble is the new king has secured his heir, his queen giving him twin boys, and his mistress giving him a fine and hale son. His younger brother, a man with no aspirations to the throne and a firm attachment to his testicles, has entreated the heroes with helping him escape the kingdom.

4. A Prince of the People

The prince has lived a cloistered and pampered life, despite having been well trained in martial arms, leadership, magic, and other such lofty spheres. Tiring of the grounds of the castle, the young prince wants to experience the world, feel the camaraderie of heroes, see the inside of a dungeon, slay monsters, and not have his princess's hand placed in his, he wants to slay the dragon and rescue his fair damsel himself. Idealistic lad really, listened to far too many of the bard's tales and the troubadour's songs.

5. The Black Knight

Royals live protected lives, boring lives. Few are willing to face them in a tourney, and everything is safe and comfortable and predictable. The Prince is a man of martial talent, and even a bit of spellcasting, and aches to try it out for real. What's the point of mastering the blade and lance, the book and spell, when the only things done are knighting soldiers and Protection from Missiles?

6. Regicide

The Old King won't die, and the prince is not going to wait. Failure means treason and death, but success turns heroes into nobility, as there will be plenty of vacancies in the court when the bloodletting is done.

7. To sLay the Dragon

The Prince has a reputation as a rake with exotic tastes. He's had elf and orc, dwarf and halfing, humans of every race and ethnicity he could find. What comes after plundering all the finest humanoid and demi-human poon that a wealthy and charismatic prince can manage? The most dangerous game, seducing the dragon. The heroes are engaged to assist the Prince make the dangerous trek across the kingdom, to the craggy mountains, and through many monsters and dangers to where he will meet up with the she-dragon he already knows from the royal court to consummate their affair. Has the she-dragon led him on to cause her lifetime mate to become more attentive to her? Is this a genuine affair? Who knows???

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