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July 11, 2018, 12:39 am

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7 Pair of Cyberpunk Boots


Boots for the Black Mass Assassination Squad, but perfectly suitable for any sci-fi or cyberpunk equipment listing. No Arcanotech Boots here.

1. Mag-Lock Boots

Designed for use in space and zero gravity, Mag-Lock boots can lock themselves to any ferrous surface. Useful for walking in zero-g, but also handy to have in any situation on a metal surface. A person wearing Mag Lock boots can gain automatic successes walking on a metal surface, even if it is at an extreme angle, would normally be slippery, have to face a water current, and cannot be knocked back or prone if fighting on a metal surface. Mag-Lock boots are also generally larger boots and very useful for kicking and stomping. Fast moving people can use these boots to even sprint up the side of a mech or similar vertical surface.

2. Strider Boots

Strider Boots have a fold down spring and footpad assembly built into the back of the boot. This can fold down and add both length to the wearer's stride, and height. Using this greater mechanical advantage along with a torque conversion system a strider boot wearer can double or tripled their running speed, at the added danger of potentially slipping or falling down while moving at that higher pace. If a pair of strider boots are used to 'hop' they are functionally Kangaroo Boots then, and are still an effective and fast means of foot transit. Being entirely mechanical (a leaf tension spring, coil tension spring, strut, etc) they cannot be hacked, have no power signature, and all of the other low tech advantages.

3. Reinforced Boots

Reinforced Boots have more than a steel shank and toe, they have a shin brace, and are often made of armor grade reflexokinetic materials. These boots will protect legs and feet in combat situations, ranging from basic combat dangers of shrapnel and being shot to the dangers of close quarters hand to hand combat. Reinforced boots were made to break bones. Other people's bones.

4. Jet Boots

Concealing micro-jets or rocket boosters, Jet Boots give the wearer the short term ability to make some impressive jumps, or plant some frightening falls. With a pair of jet boots, a wearer could easily jump onto the roof of a one story house, or power rappel down the side of a building, or the holy grail of moves, the vaunted and magical double jump.

5. Concealed Weapon Boots

A knife in the toe, a heel compartment with a micro-explosive or tiny gas grenade, these boots pack a deadly kick. These are typically hold out or desperation weapons, and are always used in close quarters. Taser boot, hold-out pistol boot, grenade in the heel boot, etc

6. Sticky Boots

Similar to Mag-Lock boots, sticky boots let the wearer cling to surfaces. Unlike Mag-Lock, these boots have a thick rubbery sole that mimics the function of a gecko's foot, and allows the wearer to climb incredibly slick surfaces. This doesn nothing to gravity, so the wearer must physically have the strength and coordination required to walk upside down on the ceiling if they want. It is also worth noting that drywall and drop ceilings are NOT strong enough to support the hanging weight of a man.

7. Silent Boots

Silent boots are a double whammy of smart materials and smart technology. The soles are made of a sound absorbing material that doesn't squeak, even if it is wet. The boots also have micro-speakers and have the ability to make sound cancelling waves, effectively muting themselves

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