These are not seven different healing potions, they're seven presentations for the standard healing potion. These do differ from the standard healing potion in that rather than being a dungeon survival item, they are presented as something readily accessible and consumed in a manner similar to fancy coffee, energy drinks, or cocktails. Not just the domain of the adventurer, the rake has an eye-opener potion to take out his hangover, the noble having spent hours in negotiations quaffs a healing draught before heading back into the morasse of diplomats and envoys, and after a hard day at the dungeon access administration and taxation office, the bean counters go grab a couple of Simarols before heading to the tavern to do some damage.

1. Simarol's Potionary 

Simarol is the trade name of an apothecary/potion brewing guild that has devoted itself to pretty much a single product, healing potions. To this end, the Guild has a vertical integration plan, which includes custom-made glass bottles, made of iridescent green glass, and custom wax seals. The potion heals as a standard healing potion but costs five times as much. They have a dedicated consumer base who refuse to even consider buying local or independent-made healing potions. These potions aren't bitter, you just don't appreciate the taste of quality

2. Elfinesse

Commanding a super premium price, the Elfinesse potion is emerald green. The official line is that these potions are made by the elves. Or, these potions are made from elfin recipes. 

They are just green healing potions that are sold as elfwork

3. Healthspike Garden Potion

The Healthspike Garden Potion is an oversized potion that is presented with multiple garnishes, including mini bouquets of flowers, aromatic herbs, and a variety of powdered plants that can drastically change the color and taste of the potion, with tumeric, aloe, and tamarind being popular options.

The downside of the potion is that by volume, this is easily the largest healing potion, and with its garnishes it cannot be quickly consumed. 

4. Dragondraught

Dragondraught is a clarified potion that is infused with gold flake. 

5. Magelight Potion

A Magelight potion is a clarified potion that is sold in a bottle made of glowing glass. 

6. Muftion

Muftions are a niche creation where a healing potion is used as the liquid component of a muffin, thus creating an oddly red muffin akin to red velvet, but having more of a crumbly texture. They have the advantage of not being in a breakable bottle, but have the disadvantage of spoiling after a few days if properly cared for, or for a day if not.

7. Potion Tarasceen

Popular in Terrasquestone, a Potion Tarasceen is a healing potion blended with red wine. 

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