The cities of Dusk, Dawn, and Luna were caught in the tide of great magics unleashed long ago with the rending of the world and turned into ruins. The ghosts of the cities live on, but only for fleeting moments. For most of the time each is nothing more than a pile of ruins. Yet, during certain times each briefly comes to life. Dusk lives between the time the sun sets and when full darkness falls. Dawn lives between the lightening of the sky and the first peek of that firy orb above the horizon. Luna lives only during the full moon, but never before the sun sets or after it rises. They each spring to life, packed full of people oblivious to their plight. When their times finish, they slowly fade away, until nothing remains but crumbling abodes.

Dusk and Dawn were once sister cities on either side of a large river, in a valley a good way up in the mountains. There was a healthy rivalry between the two, yet being so near the barbarian tribes they would often band together to repel raiders.

Luna was a smaller settlement well within a hard day’s ride of the other two cities and home to an order of mystics who sought enlightenment in the powers of the moon. The mystics were more than fair brewers of ale and would often trade casks of the stuff for supplies from Dusk and Dawn.

Travelers who come upon any of these cities will be warmly received. They are remote enough that they saw few outsiders during their original time. Visitors are surrounded by folks curious about the outside world, yet strangely unaware of the state that they have been living in. Travelers may buy supplies, drink in a tavern, or rent a room in an inn. However, everything that came from the city will fade away when the time comes, including ale, meals, supplies, and beds. This can mean suddenly empty bellies, lightened packs, and surprised sleepers.

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