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September 9, 2009, 5:26 pm

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30 Servants


The hard working, the lazy and the indispensible, 30 Servants to look after the myriad needs of your world's nobles.

1-The Butler-In the pecking order of the servants, he ranks as the top boss, one step below his Laird. It is his job to watch for signs of stealing or slacking, make sure everything goes smoothly, and motivate those below him by other means then just threats, so as to avoid a very unhappy workforce. He thinks of himself as firm but fair and the vast majority of the servants would agree with him.

2 and 3-Bish and Bosh are a couple of burly brothers who act as the Laird’s bodyguards should he need to venture into a dangerous part of the city. When at home they act as security guards to make sure that nothing is stolen and to watch for burglars who might try and break into the Laird’s mansion in search of rich pickings.

When the Laird holds parties they act as the bouncers in case any of the Laird’s guests should get too drunk and unruly. In certain circumstances they have permission from the Laird himself even to lay hands on those who rank far above them in the class system, something that would normally get any other servant sacked. They rarely in fact need to use violence at all, but everybody who works at the mansion are aware that they can and avoid annoying them. They are generally gruff and quick to anger if bothered.

4-Robin is the Gamekeeper who patrols the Laird’s extensive private estate with a loaded shotgun, looking for poachers, trespassers, and anybody else who should not be there. Poachers he hates with a passion and is proud of himself when he is able to capture them. First time poachers are given the choice between facing the courts and most likely ending up in prison or facing an unofficial punishment from the Laird. Poachers caught a second time are allways handed over to the law courts.

First time tresspassers who are not poachers are often not punished at all, if Robin thinks that their actions were accidental, but merely guided to the correct path. Persistant tresspassers are generally handed over either to the law courts or to Bish and Bosh for correction. If Robin thinks there might be a really serious danger Bish and Bosh go patrolling with him.

Be it sunny, rainy, windy or freezing cold, Robin never hesitates to go out on patrol to protect the Laird’s pheasants from poachers and his timber from those who might cut it down and steal it for firewood or to sell. Once he decides to do something, he sticks to it.

5-Romeo is the Laird’s chauffer, whose job it is to ferry the Laird and his Lady any place that they might want to go at any time of the day or night, and to keep both the Rolls-Royce cars in working order. He is silver-tounged and very good at talking to women, winning their trust and getting them to fall in love with him.

Unknown to the Laird he has secretly used his romantic arts on the Laird’s Lady and is having a passionate affair with her. If the Laird were to find out at the very least Romeo would be sacked on the spot, most likely he would be quietly murdered and his body buried in a shallow grave somewhere on the Laird’s private estate. He knows this but is confident that his affair will never be discovered.

6-Chow is the Laird’s cook, who used to cook for a famous restaurant before the Laird found him and, by giving him more pay then the resturant did, took him home to cook in his kitchen. He is a true expert at his job and can cook delicious meals out of very little if need be. He keeps his kitchen clean and free from germs and is proud of the food he provides. Like many top cooks, he has a peppery temper towards his underlings. Whatever they might think of him, everybody enjoys his food.

7-Anne is one of the Laird’s maids who prepare his bedding and make sure that his clothing is kept clean. In public she is a jolly person and allways willing to do what she is told but in private she is deeply upset about something. She fears that Romeo has got her pregnant, and knows that she would be in disgrace if she had a baby outside wedlock.

8-Alan is one of the footmen who accompany the Laird on long trips, to make sure he has everything he needs. Secretly he is a kleptomanic, but he is careful never to steal from the Laird. Instead, he filches the odd silver candlestick or two from the stately homes of other great nobles, and hides what he has stolen amongst the Laird’s belongings.

9-Emma, another maid, is a happy, jolly person who never seems to have a cross word about anybody. As a result everybody in the Laird’s household like her. She seems to be totally content with her job.

10-William is in charge of making sure everything in the Laird’s Hall is spick and span and that anything that should get accidently broken is replaced as quickly and quietly as possible.

11-Dr Quirke is the family doctor of the Laird, and he will happily treat any injured or sick servant for a nominal fee, or for nothing if without medical care the servant would die. Even with several servants to treat, his duties are generally light, and he is a friendly person, liked by all.

12-Mr Brown is Dr Quirke's apprentice and is still learning the ways of a doctor, but is reasonably good at his job and is also a chatty, friendly sort of person.

13-John is in charge of the piping. He makes sure that there is allways hot water for the Laird's bath and that the heating never breaks down. If there is a leak anywhere, he is the man to call out and fix it. He tends to be a bit monosyalibic, except when talking to one of his employers when he is allways very polite.

 14-Sarah is an elderly maid who was taken into service by the last Laird. Although she is almost too old to work now, she does her best and noone would want to get rid of her.

15-Mr Stratton is the Factor of the Laird, responsible for paying the servants, collecting rents and the money from shooting parties, buying food, and protecting the Laird’s finances from embezzelment or outright theft. He is disliked by many of the tenants, not surprisingly, as he is a hard, grasping man.

16-Mr Greene, the  Laird's gardener, is in charge of growing vegtables and fruit, making sure the lawns are looking good and that the trees are free from ivy and other parasites. Everything he plants in the ground seems to grow well, and he is proud of this.

17-Jessica is a maid who is a hard worker, but a little boy crazy, who dreams of being part of a coupledom. She has a crush on Romeo, but Romeo is far too busy seducing the Laird's Lady to take any notice of her, and the Laird's mansion is too far away for her to go to town often and look for a possible boyfriend.

18-Marion is a maid, who as far as everyone else thinks, is a hard worker who can be totally trusted. Unknown to anyone else, she has been casing the mansion for over a week, quietly figuring out what would be best to steal and what security systems the mansion has. She plans to open a siide door one dark night and allow in a gang of armed robbers that she is a member of so that they can loot the place.

19-Edwin is the vet, who looks after the Laird's hawks, wolfhounds and horses whenever they become sick or lame, and has rarely lost a paitent. He loves animals and can win one over even when it is shy. On rare occasions when an animal becomes to old and sick, it is he who has to put it down, something he hates to do.

20-Susan is a maid with a sleeping disorder, she is a night owl. By night she is wide awake, but by day all she really wants to do is sleep. Her fellow maids have covered up for her to a large extent, as they do not want to get a fellow servant into trouble. However, they are getting fed up with what they see as her lazy and slothful behaviour, and are thinking of telling her either to try and find a job to do at night, or to go to Dr Quirke and ask him for sleeping pills, or to resign her job with honor.

21-Tom is a footman who during his time off, is secretly writing a fiction book, whose carecters are based on his fellow servants, who would most likely not be very pleased if they knew he was doing this. The names have been changed of course, as he hopes to get it published some day and does not want to be sued.

22-Roger is a footman and Tom's friend, and tells him everything except for one thing, his secret hatred of the nobility. One of his close friends was thrown off the Laird's land for non-payment of rent, and Roger wants to find a way to get revenge. So far he has not done anything however, as he cannot figure out a way of murdering the Laird or his Lady and getting away with it afterwards. Despite his hate he is certainly not insane.

23-When the Laird was young, his father sent him to boarding school and he hated it. So when he grew up, married and had heirs, he hired a private tutor to educate his children so they would not have to face what he did. Mr Chips enjoys teaching and knows how to make most students eager to learn, by making his lessons interesting and fun. He is suceeding in his task and the Laird's children will grow up properly educated.

24-Mr Barings is the Laird's banker and a master at ways both legal and otherwise of avoiding tax. He is both well paid and totally loyal to the Laird and his family, and one of only a handful of servants who is on first name terms of them and is almost treated as one of the family. Whilst the Factor gathers the money from the Laird's rents and various other sources, it is Mr Barings who invests it and hides some of it from the taxman. Without his expertise that Laird would not be as rich a nobleman as he is.

25-Manuel is a waiter who helps the Butler in bringing food to the Laird and his family and guests. He is treated badly by Chow who often shouts at him, and is a nervous, jumpy fellow.

26-Mr Axton is the Laird's soliciter, in charge of drawing up contacts, helping the Laird with things like his will, and, in the very unlikely event that the Laird or a member of his family should ever be arrested, representing the arrested person in court. He is allowed to carry out private legal work on the side, as long as he never acts against the Laird's interests, and is quite a wealthy man.

27-Mr Dillon acts, in effect, as the Laird's jester, knowing the sort of things that will make him laugh, and the Laird finds him greatly amusing. Bish and Bosh don't think much of him, but know better then to be unpleasent towards a man who has been known to get their boss bursting into peals of laughter. At Christmas, (or insert festival of choice here) he loves putting up the decorations.

28-Brian is in charge of painting and oiling the parts of the house that need to be painted or oiled to avoid being delapidated. So large is the Laird's mansion, that he is kept busy almost all summer long in painting and repainting. A perfectionist, he takes care that there are no gaps that could cause damage later.

29-Tom is the Laird's firework maker, who is hired two weeks before the Laird's birthday each year to make the most amazing fireworks ever for a display that the tenants are invited to see. Each year he tries to come up with something different and more fun then the last year.

30-Whilst Edwin looks after them when they are sick, Simon is in charge of the day to day feeding, walking and generally looking after the Laird's wolfhounds, hawks and horses, and the animals all love and trust him, probebly more then they love and trust the Laird.

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Comments ( 5 )
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July 19, 2008, 9:14
Aaaaaaaaarrrgh, i love it, more write more, NOW!

I demand you to.
Barbarian Horde
August 2, 2008, 18:39
WOW! I think Anne would make a good roleplaying character. Can I write about her?
Voted axlerowes
September 9, 2009, 20:06
The seems more like the use of a 30 list to tell story, not by telling a story, but by looking at the characters a Robert Altman movie. This would be a better submission perhaps if you wrote it as Laird's so-in-so's estate, all adventures big and small.

As it is those, it is a useful submission if you just want to staff a 1920s country house on the fly for one of your games.
Voted Scrasamax
September 11, 2009, 2:15
Nicely done, I like how you've worked the 30 together and the feel they have to them.
Voted valadaar
June 29, 2012, 14:24
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