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July 22, 2007, 3:06 pm

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30 People about the Battlefield


Besides commanders and soldiers, there are others that are about every battlefield.

This submission is not about soliders and commanders, it is about those other people who are round the clash of armies.

) Campfollower
) Campfollower wife of a solider
) The noble camp follower (high class with her own servants.. for the officers).
) Goul, loot the bodies
) Goul, Child looting bodies
) Grave Digger
) Grave Diggers bigger assistant
) Master of Mortuary
) Real Goul
) Priest
) Priest’s trainie
) Healer
) Nurse/ Nun who is looking for her love in all this warfare.
) Freelance armorer (sells gear to soldiers and buys it from gouls)
) Ghost following the Army… was a standard bearer
) Lurking Desert (can’t seem to get far away, now trapped behind the enemy line).
) ) Tourist and his wacked out wife who like the gore and blood as it seems to make their life exciting.
) Grave Train Driver… Takes bodies back home.
) Wronged man looking to assasinate a commander.
) Man Preaching the end of the world in the wake of the army,
) Crazy guy, unlike above, this one is a gibbering idiot. He was a solider who was hurt.. jnow follows the army…
) Chronicler *(poor) see if he was a good one he would e chronicling for either army. He is chronicling for the poor people around the armies.
) Family following the army, knowing following tyhem is safer than going in front of them or the other way. They are looking for food and such, as their home was destroyed by the armies. Now they foloow and take cast off things. One, the oldest daughter, is being a camp follower to
) Science Goul.. getting parts to develop science… looking at blood in the soil, checking other things…
) Cut loose servant. His noble/ officer died. He is no longer needed. Now he is waundering in the wake.

4 more to do…

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January 15, 2008, 21:35
War Drummer - Part of a fife-and-drum marching duo, the drummer is the only survivor with the fifeman having caught an arrow in his chest. A strange sort of frenzy has come over him; he marches on, drumming silently and never sleeping.
The Runner - The lightest footman in the nation, it's his job to relay messages from headquarters to the battlefield. He regularly darts back and forth between the marching army and the capital leagues away. Secretly, he's been selling the marching orders to enemy commanders.
The POW - The only soldier who doesn't officially work for this army, he was captured weeks ago. They've been keeping him around to try to get him to talk or, barring that, use him as a bargaining chip. He's been beaten and abused severely, treated as an effigy of the hated enemy to be assaulted. In truth, he is the lowliest of conscripts and barely knows what end of the sword to hold, let alone the strongholds and plans of his home team.
The Satrap - Though she works for the nation, she is not a soldier but a bureaucrat. She careful watches the action of the army, especially the performance of the generals, sending back notes and reports via the runner. She is also claiming any territory marched on in the name of the king, making sure to expand the empire and get herself promoted. Since part of her job is to find what is lacking in the unit and eliminate the weakest links, most of the troops dislike her.


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