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October 20, 2018, 9:39 pm

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7 Pairs of Gloves


Seven pairs of helpful gloves for the well dressed adventurer to wear and use.

1-Gloves of Undead Entrancing

These gloves are covered with silver sequins and can be used to entrance lesser undead, such as skeletons and in particular zombies, and pull them away from the control of the necromancer that controls them. If a bard of renown has these and also possesses the famed Boots of the Moon, it is said that the bard can force the zombies to dance complicated dance routines. They do not work on the living or on the higher Undead or demonic beings.

2-Helspar Gloves

With small pieces of Helspar sewn into the lining of these gloves, they will keep the hands warm in the coldest of arctic winters, and be far too hot to wear in warm or even average weather.

3-Water filled Gloves

When fully filled with water these look comical like clown hands and the person wearing them can't carry anything, but they are meant for desert travel in hot deserts where the extra water they provide might make the difference between reaching a water source or dying of thirst.

4-Cooling Gloves

These can be filled with small pieces of ice to keep the hands cool in the hottest of deserts, which is what they are designed to be worn in.

5-Velvet Knuckleduster Glove

These good looking velvet gloves conceal metal knuckledusters that can pack a real punch or fend off slashes from sword blades and still leave the hands intact and unhurt.

6-Lesser Magical Gloves

These give a non magic user the ability to cast cantrips, and moderately boost the power of a trained magic user so that his or her spells are less likely to fail.

7 -Greater Magical Gloves

These give a non magic user the ability to cast small to medium level spells, and greatly boost the power of a trained magic user so that his or her spells are less likely to fail, raising their magic level by one degree.

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Comments ( 3 )
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October 26, 2018, 20:19
Water filled gloves is an absurd idea. From a practical point you don't want to loose the use of hands while traveling by foot and you don’t want to have your limbs burdened or encumbered when traveling long distance. You’d be better off wearing a water hat than water gloves. I am curious did a story or gaming need lead you to this idea or did you just make water balloons with exam gloves? Cooling gloves only less so.
Cheka Man
October 27, 2018, 0:21
Water filled gloves might work as a way to help stop slaves revolting whilst on a desert trip.
October 27, 2018, 0:40
That is a thought, it can also be a combination restraint and torture, “the life saving water is literally at your finger tips” but out of reach, plus it is heavy, plus a your hands will get really pruney. Try writing it up that way.


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