1-Glue Bomb

Often issued to SWAT teams, or prison officers when the prisoners are revolting, these non lethal weapons explode and cover the target or targets with a sticky, non-flammable glue which sticks the target to the nearest wall or floor. After only a couple of hours the glue becomes inert and loses it's stickiness, but by that time the person or people have generally been captured and are firmly under control and disarmed. It is generally only fatal if it hits full in the face, so those who use these weapons are normally trained not to target the face so that people can be taken alive and unharmed.

2-Gas Bomb

Normally issued to riot police, this is normally filled with tear gas, but can be filled with all manner of noxious and deadly gasses. It is against the Geneva Conventions to use this in war, but there are those who will use it anyway. To those with a gas mask, especially an advanced one, it is not much of a threat, but to those without it ranges from unpleasent to deadly depending on what kind of gas it contains.

3-Star Shell

This can be used both by the military to light up a battlefield and by civilians as part of a fireworks display, as when fired at night it lights up the sky and explodes loudly. There is not much danger, as long as you don't go close to it if it fails to launch, as it can then explode with fatal consequences for the person caught in the blast. Most countries restrict it's use to trained professionals for safety reasons, but firework lovers can often find it on the black market.

4-Toy Bomb

This nasty little weapon looks like a toy, a football, or a bag of sweets and is designed not to kill, but to blow off the hand or foot of a child so that his or her parents will have to leave the warzone to seek medical treatment for him or her. Often it will be dropped with genuine toys, sweets or footballs, so that it is not thought of as dangerous until it is too late. It's use is of course a war crime, but that does not prevent the truly depraved from using it.

5-Glitter Bomb

If thrown high up in the air in the right way, this explodes without hurting anyone and covers the area in glitter. If thrown directly in someone's face it can permanently blind a person or animal, and because of this and the fact that people were using it to create a lot of litter in public places, nearly all countries legally restrict it's use to professionals who let it off at expensive weddings and other important events. In many countries it can be found on the black market and people like using it for normally harmless but annoying drive bys on people, covering them in glitter as a prank.

6-Water Bomb

Special planes are used to hold them and they are normally filled with plain water and used to help put out forest fires. They can also be filled with water mixed with a harmless dye and dropped on violent riots or peaceful protests, to break them up and make it easier to find and arrest the participants later, although most democracies frown on doing this, at least to peaceful protesters.

7-EMP Bomb

This is designed not to kill but to send out an EMP pulse a thousand feet in all directions to disable anything electronic on the battlefield. Night vision goggles, modern carks, trucks and tanks, drones, computers, lasers and other such things, unless shielded in some way from the bomb's effects, are all knocked out, in some cases permanently if they get caught by the pulse. It is considered to be a war crime to drop this on or near a modern hospital.

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