1. British Leyland Mk. 23

The BL.23 is the standard sidearm of the Atlantic Federation Armed Forces, and is synonymous with the AFAF Kommando. The BL.23 is a magnetic coilgun and fires steel jacketed tungsten rounds. The calibre is small, .223, but the weapon holds a large number of rounds and can sustain a high rate of fire before depleting its power cell. The pistol is good at penetrating armor, but it is of limited use against unarmored targets and unless the projectile hits something hard enough to transfer it's energy to (bone, structural material, metal) it will pass relatively harmlessly through light wood, siding, a human body, and only leave a small hole. It is an effective pistol for facing light vehicles, hoverbikes, and light power armor troopers.

Author's Note: Coilguns and rail guns have muzzle flash just like regular firearms do, but rather than having fire, they have a bright blue electrical discharge from the magnets doing their thing. Is this accurate? Not at all. It is A. visually exciting, and B. A quick and easy way to separate conventional guns from magnetic weaponry.

2. British Leyland Mk. 41

The BL.41 is a very common rifle in the Atlantic Federation. It is produced in the United Kingdom, and is the standard infantry rifle of the UK, Benelux Compact, Caribbean League, and Quebec. Outside of the Federation, the BL.41 light coilgun can be found in Australia, New Zealand, and India. The magnetic coilgun is a robust and reliable weapon, firing a frangible 10mm steel jacketed composite round or 10mm steel jacketed tungsten anti-armor rounds. The BL.41 is not a new weapon, and has long since had the kinks and flaws worked out of it. The system is solid and reliable and it can accommodate not one but two power cells and has mounting points for and under barrel attachment (grenade launcher, web gun, spotlight, etc) and can be modified to accept SmartGun hardware. The BL.41 however is a large framed bulky gun that is difficult to conceal, and is illegal for private ownership. There are knock off versions of the BL.42, such as the Chinese/ACPS Hanyang X1, the Confederation of Southern States Bullfinch Carbine, or the USSA's Avispon (Hornet)

Author's Note: Gun Ownership is a Constitutional Right today. In the Cosmic Era, the entire concept of innate and god given inalienable rights is seen as juvenile and a leading cause of the Resource Wars. Thus, the Tycho Conventions are fairly straight forward in terms of weapon ownership. Civilians and non-military, non-paramilitary and non-registered security personnel are not allowed to own, buy, sell, trade, or handle magnetic accelerated weapons, LASER weaponry, excited gas/plasma weapons, or other modern firearms. Conventional brass and black powder weapons are less regulated, but ownership of these guns is still relatively uncommon. (Atlantic Federation, Pacific Rim Coalition, Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere and Eurasian Alliance)

3. Vasquez-Drake 10-60 Squad Assault Weapon

A heavy weapon, the VD 10-60 is commonly used in anti-battle suit operations and by special forces in the United States of South America. The gun was modeled off of contemporary weapons from America and then upgraded to handle the newest generation of caseless ammunition. The weapon was originally intended to be mounted on vehicles and on top of tanks, but the emergence of the supersoldier, light power armor, and cyborg augmentation, this heavy weapon made the transition from vehicle support to squad support. The gun fires a heavy 'long cartridge' 10mm round and can handle explosive, armor piercing, and incendiary rounds. The gun has a distinctive sound when fired and with it's SmartGun functionality can be very computer friendly.

Author's Note: Computer Friendly Guns, many cyborg augmentations can involve adding a visual sight to the barrel of the gun (constant and instant sighting to whatever the gun is pointed at) without taking time to aim.) and this can be emulated with combat helmets, power armor HUDs, and spatial awareness programming in artificial brains. This leads to very quickly deadly firefights, but most gun operators who use SmartGun links and computer aided shooting are absolutely crap at shooting if anything happens to their fancy electronics

4. British Leyland Mk.250

The BL.250 is a rare weapon, as most plasma weapons tend to be temperamental and as much a hazard to the operator as to anything or anyone it is pointed at. The 250 has a 'rifled' magnetic jar and a 'spin cycle' that causes the weapon to spew out a stream of what amounts to a gout of flame. The thermodynamics of the weapon defy explanation, as the gun seems to bleed excess heat out through the angular momentum of the discharge. Despite being hot enough to char flesh and melt most metals on impact, the 250 is a 'low temp' plasma weapon. The 250 is an assault weapon, and can be configured to work with power armor, or regular infantry triggers and controls and most are deployed with Anti-Storm and Paranormal Containment Teams.

5. MARS Boomtube 40mm Linear Projector

The Boomtube is traditionally a grenade launcher, firing metal jacketed grenades with it's ultra-light magnetic rail. The weapon uses a relatively slow launch speed, allowing the weapon to fire more exotic rounds than most true rail guns, which are only able to fire solid metal rounds. The grenades fired by the MARS Boomtube are 50% more powerful than standard launched grenades as they do not have any internal space used for gunpowder to fire them. The assault weapon is common in the Republic of Texas, D.F. Mexico, and Rocky Mountain Republic, where it is on both sides of the Federation/Amerikka Command war. The Launcher can fire smart rounds, spy rounds, gas rounds, explosive, armor defeating (explosive armor cutter) flechette, flare, and drone rounds.

6. Omni Light 85 Assault Rifle

The standard infantry rifle of the North American Atlantic Federation Nations, the Omni Light 85 is a long barrel bullpup style magnetic coilgun that has a long rate of fire, long duration battery pack. and can be fitted with either an over-barrel computer interface system or a progressive bayonet. The L85 is not especially popular as the weapon system has reliability issues, the barrel can seize (magnet locking) and it produces a fairly noticeable EM signature when in the active/charged setting. It is not used by special forces, paramilitary, or even rebel groups. It's poor reputation is an open secret, most common folk think it is a deadly and intimidating magcoil rifle. Most professionals know it is a cheap gun pushed by the OCP sales department.

7. Dresden M90 Super Shotgun

The Dresden Firearms corp is a small offworld gun manufacturer and it designed the M90 as a magnetic coil version of the traditional shotgun. The M90 was specifically designed as a weapon to be used in spaceships, habitats and other pressurized facilities. It has a very low penetration rating, as instead of pellets, the gun fires a round that breaks out into a spread of 'needles' that have the same basic effect as a standard shotgun round. The round, however, will not penetrate anything but the thinnest materials, such as clothing or other incidental barriers. It poses zero threat to anything as substantial as a bulkhead, or pressure bearing wall. The gun became very popular for surface side operations due to it's non-existent over-penetration, and the intimidating bright blue muzzle flash. The M90 is illegal for civilian ownership.

Author's Note: Magnetic weapons all have a common issue in that they create a detectable EM signature when in an active/hot position. The magnetic fields created by the barrel system are small and very tight, but the weapon will 'bleed' electromagnetic radiation that can be detected with the right equipment. Attempts have been made to hide this EM signature, but few efforts work that do not drastically affect the function of the weapon, or make the weapon exceedingly difficult to use (oversized shrouds, excessively expensive materials, EM-Dimensional sinks, etc)

8. SGT-36 Smart Rifle

The standard rifle of the Union Aerospace Security Force (UASF) is somewhat surprising considering it is a standard rifle and not a magnetic weapon. The SGT-36 is based around the tried and true 10mm Federation ballistic round and comes standard with an integral SmartGun link. Both the gun and the computer systems are tried and true, and are neither fancy, nor ground breaking. They are both very well made, and completely reliable. The SGT also lacks the EM signature that comes with magnetic weaponry, and the gun is very recognizable. The rifle is long, and the barrel and SmartGun system are enclosed in a light armored housing/cooling shroud that makes the gun look very solid and intimidating. The accuracy of the gun and it's effectiveness have been proven time and time again. The SGT-36 is not for sale, and is only issued internally to UAC security personnel or by security forces of sub-corps owned by the UAC.

9. Van Holt MP10x20

The Van Holt is the sort of firearm that law enforcement agencies and security personnel hate. The MP10X20 is a machine pistol firing 10mm rounds. Superficially it resembles the SGT, as it has a light armor shroud, but it has no smart links or other electronic goodies. The machine pistol is a favorite of gangs, terrorists and other factions with limited access to money and weapons. This would normally not be an issue except that the MP10X20 is a very good machine pistol. It has a variety of colorful names, such as the Rabid Chihuahua, Spit Saw, and Popcorn maker. The gun has a distinctive sound and is strongly associated with criminal and underground elements. Amerikka Command frequently uses the Van Holt as a side arm for their officers.

Author's Note: The 10mm round has become the common ammunition of the Atlantic Federation. The larger size imparts greater take down ability which is considered of greater importance in an age of cyborgs, androids, parapsychic martial artists and genetically augmented human beings. This has made the 10mm cartridge common on 3 continents: North America, Europe, and Africa

10. Kurtwood XIX .44

The Kurtwood XIX is a .44 magnetic pistol designed with the specific purpose of taking out non-organic targets. The pistol is large and intimidating, not for aesthetic purposes, but for housing the powerful magnets in the barrel, and substantial battery in the grip. The gun fires a nickel jacketed tungsten round with high armor piercing qualities and knock down power. In Delta City, the phrase 'issuing a 19' refers specifically to shooting a robot, cyborg or other machine aspected or augmented person. The gun is 'technically' limited to law enforcement and other licensed owners, but it has a long history of ending up in the hands of the wrong sort of people. In underground circles the gun commands a high price and is considered the Cure for Super Cops.

11. Anderson Armaments 12 Gauge

Shotguns have always been a popular weapon, and the Anderson 12 gauge is a paragon of the many of the best features of the gun. The Anderson was designed to be as it's designer put it 'A Zero Bullshit Gun'. The mechanism is simple, the action reliable, and the effect predictable. The Anderson adds basic SmartGun technology without requiring a SmartGun link creating a viciously accurate shotgun without adding much to the cost or basic maintenance of the weapon. The Anderson can also accommodate multiple types of rounds, with incendiary, explosive and flechette rounds being popular.

12. ZK-75 Assault Rifle

A conventional rifle, the ZK is built on the legacy of the AK-47, a rifle that is still routinely found in Africa, across SE Asia, and the USSA. The ZK is a conventional rifle, but made of highly durable materials and comes standard with a stand alone augmented targeting system. It fires a larger than average 12mm round, but in doing so, has access to a surprising range of custom ammunition normally only found in shotguns and grenade launchers. The ZK-75 is most notable for it's airburst rounds that are very effective against unarmored targets, drones, and optical systems. The ZK is a common weapon used by the Eurasian Alliance, and has a solid service record in urban, jungle, anti-insurgency, and storm control missions. It is commonly looked down upon by the Federation for being a conventional weapon, rather than magnetic, or fully smartgun capable.

13. DeCosta AR-H

The AR-H is a hybrid weapon, combining both a conventional powder charge and a magnetic barrel accelerator. The weapon is bulky, heavy, but popular among mercenaries and security contractors. It's size makes it intimidating, and the hybrid system produces a high rate of fire with compact ammunition and high muzzle velocity. The weapon has a long cowboy like history across the Republic of California, D.F. Mexico, and throughout South America, where it goes head to head against the larger VD 10-60. The VD is a larger weapon, but the AR-H doesn't require a special harness or augmentation to use. DeCostas are the weapon of choice for villains in holovids and entertainment programs.

14. Nova Robotics NR-99 Anti-Material Rifle

The NR-99 is an assault rifle designed for combat robots to carry and use. It is a solid and heavy weapon, with a compact and dense power core and a high rate of fire. The gun is close to 30 kg in weight, with most of that weight being the power pack. As a magnetic rifle, it has range, rapid fire, and high muzzle velocity and is an all round solid and somewhat uninspiring weapon. With a large power pack and large magazine, automatic cybernetic targeting, and other machine friendly options, the weapon is almost impossible for humans to use, if for no other reason recoil would break trigger fingers. Most combat robots are programmed to use the weapon at close range as a bludgeon. The weight combined with typical machine strength means even a glancing blow will result in a broken limb, broken ribs or a serious concussion. In anti-robot areas, the NR-99, and the skeletron that carries it is a symbol of machine oppression.

15. Blank 9mm SMP

When a gun appears without manufacturers marks, frequently mass produced copies of obsolete weapons, they are designated as Blank models. With microfabrication, and conditions in third world nations, Blank type weapons are common and the most common is a reproduction of the Ingram Mac-10 sub machine pistol. Cheaply made, the Blank 9mm SMP has poor accuracy, high rate of fire, and is concealable, making it popular among criminal circles and others who cannot afford better quality weapons. Blank type weapons are notorious for poor quality, no safety features, and being hazardous and unreliable.

16. Olympus 19 Infantry RAR

The Olympus Model 19 Infantry rotary assault rifle is easily recognizable with it's offside hand grip, triple rotary barrel profile, and belt fed ammo system. The Model 19 is low calibre and made of composite materials, light enough that an un-augmented soldier can carry it into battle. The weapon is commonly used for suppression fire, anti-drone operation, and providing fire support from vehicles such as open door helocraft, hoverbikes, and improvised combat vehicles. RAR type weapons are uncommon, given their high consumption of ammo.

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