1-Grave Robbers

A group of medical students are illegally digging up a fresh grave to steal and dissect the body before it decays too much to be of any use to them.

2-You are Grave Robbing

The PCs themselves are illegally digging up a grave to steal the Funeral Gold and Grave Silver buried deep within it for the dead to use in the afterlife. But discovery by the living or attack by the Undead is possible.


A wizard or witch is using dark and forbidden magics to raise the dead body of his father, trying to bring him back to life, but what will be raised is likely to be either a shambling zombie or something possessed by a demon.

4-Grieving Family

A grieving wife and her two daughters are weeping next to a relatively recent grave. If the PCs ask them who the dead person was. the wife tell them that a wealthy noble murdered her husband and has escaped justice due to his money and contacts. She promises a reward if the PCs will murder the noble for her.

5-Moving Tomb Brasses

Two of the brasses from the ornate tombs belonging to wealthy knights ( when alive) have been possessed by the spirits of said knights, and in life both knights were incredibly evil and aggressive even by knightly standards. Their brass bodies cannot be damaged by normal weapons, but sledgehammers can brake their brass limbs, magical weapons can do damage, and if the knights can be pushed into deep water they will drown.

6-In the moonlight a vampire pulls it’s way from the grave. He is incredibly strong, and to defeat him he must be staked through the heart with a wooden stake.

7-A City Watch Patrol with halberds is looking out for grave robbers, necromancers and anyone else who really should not be in the graveyard.

8-A gravedigger is digging a new grave, talking to himself and swearing a little as he does so.

9-As you go through a graveyard, voices that only you can hear beg you to dig up the graves and take their bodies out into the sunlight, away from the cold darkness and the maggots. You realize with horror that one day their fate will be yours.

10-A black cat crosses your path.

11-Steam is coming from a small square stone where the cremains are buried. If you pull up the stone to see what is causing it, an Urn Beast flies out and attacks you.

12-Someone is secretly burying a bag which almost certainly has money in it within a grave

13-There is a drumming under the soil as the bodies beat at their unyielding coffin lids.

14-You hear a scream from a grave where a young woman has apparently been buried alive. If rescued in time, her family will reward the PCs but they have to act quickly before she chokes to death in her grave.

15-The funeral of a rich noble is taking place, with a ornate coffin covered in black silk, mutes, and plenty of pomp and unhappy relatives.

16-A body is dug up and staked through the heart in front of you by an angry mob of villagers convinced, rightly or otherwise, that they are dealing with a vampire.

17-Duelling Nobles

A pair of noblemen are duelling with rapiers in the churchyard. If the PCs join in one the side of one of the nobles, and their chosen noble wins, he will offer the PCs one favour

18-A couple are making love upon a tomb thinking they are unseen.

19-A priest is walking around blessing the graves

20-A girl is in labour and is giving birth amongst the graves

21-Four knights with swords drawn are marching up to the church and the PCs have to decide if they want to be involved or not. If they ask the knights what is wrong they say that they are trying to arrest the priest for treason. The PCs can help them, take the priest’s side or stay out of things.

22-Graves are being exhumed because the yearly grave rent was not paid and the bones are being thrown on the ground with no respect.

23-A huge plague pit is being filled with hundreds of blistered bodies. If the PCs get too close they have a 1 in 6 chance of getting the plague and a 1 in 12 chance of dying from it.

24-A rowdy political meeting is taking place among the graves and things are getting heated, and the soldiers will be on their way soon to break it up.

25-A wild unauthorized ranting preacher is asking “When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?”

26-A fairy ring of mushrooms on a grave. If eaten, it is up to the GM if the mushrooms are edible, poisonous or deadly.

27-A local noble was so evil that a Hellpit formed under his tomb and swallowed it,  and as what might come out of it could be incredibly dangerous to everyone nearby the PCs have been sent to find a way to close and seal it.

28-A gibbet with a decomposed body in it hangs above the graveyard as a warning to would-be criminals.

29-A group of men are smashing up a tomb for some reason.

30-A wedding  party is at the graves of their ancestors as part of the wedding ceremony so they can “ inform their dead” of the wedding and hope for the blessings of the dead upon their marriage.

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