30 Events within a Graveyard

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Cheka Man

Requesting Advice

1-Grave Robbers

2-You are Grave Robbing


4-Grieving Family

A grieving wife and her two daughters are weeping next to a relatively recent grave. If the PCs ask them who the dead person was. the wife tell them that a wealthy noble murdered her husband and has escaped justice due to his money and contacts. She promises a reward if the PCs will murder the noble for her.

5-Moving Tomb Brasses


7-City Watch Patrol


9-As you go through a graveyard, voices that only you can hear beg you to dig up the graves and take their bodies out into the sunlight, away from the cold darkness and the maggots. You realize with horror that one day their fate will be yours.

10-A black cat crosses your path

11-Steam is coming from a small square stone where the cremains are buried. If you pull up the stone to see what is causing it, an Urn Beast flies out and attacks you.

12-Someone is secretly burying a bag which almost certainly has money in it within a grave

13-There is a drumming under the soil as the bodies beat at their unyielding coffin lids

14-You hear a scream from a grave where a young woman has apparently been buried alive

15-The funeral of a rich noble is taking place

16-A body is dug up and staked through the heart in front of you by an angry mob of villagers

17-Duelling Nobles

A pair of noblemen are duelling with rapiers in the churchyard. If the PCs join in one the side of one of the nobles, and their chosen noble wins, he will offer the PCs one favour

18-A couple are making love upon a tomb thinking they are unseen

19-A priest is walking around blessing the graves

20-A girl is in labour and is giving birth amongst the graves

21-Four knights with swords drawn are marching up to the church

22-Graves are being exhumed because the yearly grave rent was not paid

23-A huge plague pit

24-A rowdy political meeting

25-A wild unauthorized ranting preacher

26-A fairy ring of mushrooms on a grave

27-A Hellpit

28-A gibbet

29-A desecrated tomb with a group of men doing it

30-Wedding party


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