1-Cowboy Builder (1)

You name it, he builds it badly. Chimneys that later fall in and smash the roof, roofs that leak after the first heavy rain, ill fitting windows and doors, flammable materials in all the wrong places, faulty piping and much much more. He moves constantly around the country to avoid legal writs, court summons and some very angry customers, and bodges deliberately to save money. All in all he's a really nasty piece of work. Maybe the PCs are sent after him to get revenge.

2-Cowboy Builder (2)

When not at work building houses, he is out there working with cattle, roping them, branding them, driving them to market and selling them, and looking after them. He is a very skilled builder who never bodges or builds badly, and just happens to be a builder who is also a ranch owner and a part time cowboy.

3-Close To God

He works exclusively on churches and cathedrals and monasteries and feels very close to his God as a result. Although much more religious then most people he never lets it get in the way of his work, and he never cuts corners, embezzles money or bodges his work.

4-Tunnel Builder (1)

He has spent the past few years secretly building illegal tunnels without planning permission under all the houses   in his street, risking subsidence or the collapse of the homes above, and has built secret entrances into all their cellars, although so far he has not burgled any of the houses he has tunnels to. If caught he is certainly going to prison and will most likely be made bankrupt with fines to put right all the damage that he has done. 

5-Tunnel Builder (2)

He is one of those crazy environmentalist types who makes tunnels under woodlands to delay road building and get good publicity for his cause and has served several short stints in prison because of it.

6-H H Holmes

Are you a supervillain who needs a new secret lair built for you? Do you need someone who won't ask any awkward questions about your building plans? Then the H H Holmes is the builder for you as he has both the genuine building skills and the discretion needed to create new lairs for the rich supervillans of the world. Perhaps the PCs have to go through one of his ingenious creations.

7-Grave Fellow

He builds tombs for the dead, not the living, and is in charge of building them for the great and the good. Since such tombs then to contain at least some Funeral Gold and Grave Silver and some of the dead made enemies in life and fear being dragged from their ornate tombs and sold to medical schools or worse, enslaved as zombies, he has designed several deadly traps in them to ensnare such never-do-wells who would rob the tombs.

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