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May 24, 2008, 7:07 pm

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30 Bikers


These bikers are Bad to the Bone.


The cleverest one of the gang, he is living proof that not all bikers are dumb knuckle-dragging caveman types. He is the gangs public relations man who tries to persuade the public that those he rides with are friendly people-yes, they have got into a few fights and engaged in a bit or horseplay but they are certainly not the ruthless, money-hungry gangsters on two wheels that the police make them out to be.

He comes up with various ideas from the perfectly legal to the downright illegal for the gang members to vote on in their secret meetings. It was he who came up with the idea that every Christmas Eve, he and his fellow bikers should ride out on a toy run to deliver presents to sick children in hospital. He is an expert in money laundering as well and the gangs’s treasurer.


When not out riding with the gang this muscular member works as a bouncer at clubs and pubs and generally does a good job at it. Once faced with ruthless ultra violence, few troublesome patrons, once they come to, will come back to fight again. Of course, he lets his fellow gang members in without paying, and also takes fees from certain drug dealers to let them sell drugs in the venues he protects, whilst keeping their competitors outside.

When one of those that the gang extorts from refuses to pay up, he is often sent to teach the person a lesson. He carries a knuckle-duster, as he feels that if he was to carry a knife or a gun he might murder someone and end up serving a very long sentence, whilst if he is convicted of breaking someones jaw the sentence will be much shorter.


Doc used to be a genuine doctor before he joined the gang. He is an expert at setting broken bones and treating gunshot wounds. Gang members who cannot go to hospital because of fear of arrest have had their lives and limbs saved by his treatment. He is also good at knowing what effect any pill, both legal and illegal, will do to the human body and never takes any drug before knowing exactly what it will do to his body. If he gets into a fight, he knows where on somebodys body will seriously hurt them if hit.


He carries one, an illegal flick-knife, and he is happy to use it. He hungers for fights, be they with the law, with ordinary people or with other biker gangsters, no matter how dangerous they are and how well armed they are. Even his fellow bikers generally tread warily about him. Unknown to them, his father is dying slowly of cancer and Knife had a very good relationship with his father and feels that he has very little to live for without him, and so has no fear of getting killed.


Mech is a thin wiry man, and not a good fighter. Unlike the majority of his buddies he doesnt take drugs or engage in their more serious crimes, but nobody minds. He makes up for it by being an expert in fixing motorbikes. He can take a bike that is falling apart and have it fully fit for the road again within hours. His skills are also very useful for taking stolen motorbikes apart and reassembling them as new bikes so that they cannot be recognized as stolen. He is a much-liked member of the gang.


The newest recruit to the gang, the others treat him as a lowly gofer to fetch their beer and drugs for them, fix their motorbikes and stay on guard duty. Occasionally they put him through cruel tests designed to let them he how dedicated he is to the gang. He consoles himself with the thought that all the rest of the gang members once went through the same lengthy admissions process before gaining their full patch that marks them out as a member.


A stickler for one percenter protocol, Protocol has a low tolerance for anybody who he feels does not treat him with enough respect, no matter who they are, and is more then ready to forcibly educate them with his fists and feet. He is the kind of biker who will break his cue stick across the head of anybody who makes the mistake of touching the sacred colours on his back. His fellow bikers try and keep him away from civilians as it is not in the gangs interests to be in fights all the time with people who might call the police. Unprovoked fights also risk wrecking Brains public relations campaign.


An undercover policeman, he has infiltrated the gang, knowing that if they find out that he is a fake, they will certainly kill him. He has to take great care to act the part to perfection without taking drugs, engaging in serious crime, or urging his fellow bikers to commit crime.
He fears at times that he may be getting in too deep and losing his true inner identity.


Speedy’s crimes are mainly connected with breaking the speed limit. He loves to turn on the throttle and push his bike as fast as it will go, reaching litraly breakneck speeds as he roars around bends and through traffic. Many of his fellow bikers thing that he will not be much longer for this world if he does not slow down soon on the open road.

OOC-If you want to contribute others in this 30, you’re welcome.

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