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April 8, 2011, 8:36 pm

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Sarku Demon


“I see an upstart within the ranks of the Ba’craht. This can not be. I, Sarku the Impaler of a Thousand Children, am forced to qwell those who try to supplant their superiors yet again. It is good to be me.”

Sarku the Impaler of a Thousand Children, Murder of the Coup of Hundred Souls, Judge of the Three

Abject beauty corupted with a dark soul and no heart. Can beauty be the ultimate evil?

Demon Society:
The nobles of demonkind are different from the rest of their kin. The top three demons of nobility are singular in nature. They have one ruler with two demons who reside below him. They alternate between the three of them constantly fighting with one another, but never to the death as their existence is unique. The nobles do not age so they are forever in their caste. The other nobles below them however, are born and raised to fight. Seldom do they fight one another, but have been known to try and supplant a brother or cousin above them for power.

Every noble demon born of a certain caste are all called by the same name, with an added surname of their choosing. These are usually to strike fear into their enemies or show of their deeds. Regardless of this self given title, they are all of the same blood and therefore of the same name. When describing these demons, singular tones will be used to describe them but only in the sense of their particular caste of demonkind, not them personally.

Full Description
Sarku is a demon prince of abject beauty. He appears as a 15’ tall black skinned male of unheard of beauty. He has black silken wings that fold at his neck and back to drape his shoulders like a cloak. His body is muscled and well defined, looking more of a proxy to the gods than a demon his angelic looks have often surprized those who he has come to pass judgement on.

He is often seen to be wearing nothing but chain breeches and carrying a maul of the purest black obsidian. His chain armor shines bright with a polished silver sheen as his maul soaks up the light of the sun and flames as well as the light of ones soul if standing to near. The Gavel of Judgement, as they are called, is cold to any who touch it not of the Sarku. It steals the soul of those who it defeats to add it’s knowledge to the wielder.

His demeanor is one of amusement at the rest of the demon kind as they rush about trying to better the next to rise in their position. Being of the Da’Sregt caste of the demons he stands above the others and looks down seeing where the next push for power will be, and then he crushes it. He sees their scurrying lives as pointless as eventually someone will push them to tetter on the edge of the chasm of their way of life and they will fall. he cares little for this as he knows he is above their pettiness and squabbles.

He has been given the task from his rulers of stopping any would be usurpers from taking control of their society. He is titled the Judge of the Three for the three that rule use him and his caste to purge the ranks of usurpers and quell any upstarts who think they are superior by numbers and skill. Very few times will he stand aside and allow a challenge of power to pass his judgement, but they do happen. The Three do not like to get personally involved as they do not age, they can still be replaced. Once every century they will accept a challenge where Sarku will reside as the officiating judge to be sure of no outside help, and to be sure that the Three prevail.

Additional Information
His greatest strength is his ability to use spell like powers similar to a mage. These spells function as they normally would but they are at double the potency the normal spell would function at. These are all innate abilities and do not require a focus staff as other mages would require to use. It is presumed that the maul he wields is the source of this energy that is needed to cast spells, but only the Sarku know, and they do not tell their secrets.

Little is known about the personal side to the Sarku, what they do when they are not passing judgement. They are rarely seen outside the folds of the Three unless they are judging an usurper. Very few who are judged survive, close to one every five centuries will survive the judgement of the Sarku, and they are never the same afterwards.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Cheka Man
January 24, 2006, 12:51
Only voted
Voted CaptainPenguin
January 24, 2006, 23:28
Not bad.
This is, of course, not MY Sarku...

January 25, 2006, 8:51
You are correct it is not your Sarku... :D

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