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The Valley of the Cursed Gods By: Ancient Gamer

The Valley of the Cursed Gods is full of exotic plants and animals, an isolated valley of wonder. Whether the adventurers travel through the valley by chance, or if they have been lured by the weird, serpentine smoke formation that clings to the mountainside, one thing soon becomes apparent: Something slumbers in the Valley of the Cursed Gods. Something immensely powerful that stirs in its slumber, trying to awaken, yet cannot. Will the adventurers be the force that tips the scales of that balance?

by Ancient Gamer
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Bromine Lake By: MoonHunter

Bromine Lake is a lake that is almost a very small inland sea. It is also special for other reasons. It always has the warmth of a living Human, no matter what the season. It is not a hot spring with its sulfuric chemicals. There are hundreds of theories, but no answers.

Even if they did, they would never believe it, as it has ties to the time of legends, to the time of Corvus.

by MoonHunter
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