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June 27, 2013, 7:44 pm

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Yinnal canopy


High in the treetops of a Yinnal forest a world exists.

The Yinnal canopy is a self-sufficient rainforest, populated mainly by Yinnal trees.

The proposed, scientific origin of the Yinnal canopy is, via meteorite seeding. A small, heavily forested planet broke up or scattered itself into the void. Some of these "life giving" rocks fell onto our soil. Fable has a far more romantic version. Mother Nature adapted this canopy to cope with the immense, environmental problems of the juvenile earth. The land would normally have rendered to desert, surrendering to the heat and lack of atmospheric rain. In one simple solution, the creative genius of mother nature produced an answer. A forest so thick at its canopy, so tall and interwoven, that the light, heat and ferocious winds, could barely penetrate.
The mythical fable, Saffeena Tabee’a goes even further and tells tales of gods and mother nature arising in earthly form. The fable also hints that the Yinnal canopy was the birth place of mankind.
The Yinnal canopy provides, controlled light, insulation and that most important ingredient, water. Beneath the canopy, life thrives. A close association between the canopy and its people is evident . Most rainforest’s are plagued by an over population of the upper leafy matter, causing dark and dank sub layers. Not so with the a Yinnal forest. The inhabitants (Ynemn) control and maintain the health of the under layers by moving the massive leaves of the Yinnal trees. This adjustment allows fine control on the amount of sunlight and heat that is allowed into and out of the inner space, beneath the canopy.
The roots of the Yinnal tree, tap into the unfathomable wells of underground water. Transporting it to the canopy of branches and leaves where it is released, just like rain. Like the Ynemn the Yinnal tree also cohabits with the Yinnal Vine vissewort. The vine helps provide structure and in return the tree provides the nutrients, water and support the vine needs to grow. Its the young vine tendrils that are often woven into pathways and hanging structures by the Ynemn folk.

There are three, pure, Yinnal forests on this planet and each are singular outcrops in the middle of a waste desert. They can be hard to see from a distance. The reflectivity and golden outer appearance made by the leaves, dances visually in the mind, like a heat hazed and induced mirage. Other Yinnal forests have melded with other trees and vegetation. They are older, thicker. It is said "Emn" and time herself have waged war on these previously wasted lands, turning them fertile. Yinnal forests grow somewhat quicker than a normal rainforest. A Yinnal forest can increase its acreage by 25% per year. Rapid growth is noticeable early on in its dominant phase but trails off as it ages.

Life in the canopy:
Life in the canopy is in abundance. Hundreds of species of fauna and flora revolves around the Yinnal tree. The tree has some unique features.

Leaves of gold.
The large golden leaves of the Yinnal tree can grow up to 1 meter in diameter. They are the pinnacle on which the canopy and colony thrives. They protect the tree from the sun and are used to produce the inner rain. As a raw material (see Yinnal tree ) it is used in garments, dwellings and most uniquely, as a form of transportation. see sunglide

Woody thorns
They howl with ear splitting wrath, sharp as daggers with hollow tubes within that can dispense poison like a snakes bite. Used as daggers and whittled down to make excellent arrows.

Niffs are an almost microscopic, parasitic, animal. They drift on the subtle air currents that twist and turn within the canopies trunks and branches.

Food Source
The Yinnal fruit…

Sap: something druggish-alcoholish

Additional Ideas (2)

Yinnal tree
Species: Yinnal Tissima
The Yinnal tree is the largest known stoloniferous plant. Some older plants stand just under 100m in height while the average is 50-80m. Like many stoloniferous it is a vascular plant and has adventitious roots. Long, thick (up to 6ft in diameter) stolon roots emanate from a parent plant. These roots can be found above and below the surface, splitting at nodes to form other child plantlets. Surface runners are also found but are thinner, hand sized and rope like.
The deeper, penetrating, vertical roots of the Yinnal tree, tap into the unfathomable wells of underground water. Transporting this sacred juice from the sunken depths, to the horizontal root system and up into the canopy of branches and leaves. Here, it is distributed for growth by the tree and any surplus, is given up, released from the stomata on the underside of its leaves, literally raining down on that which lies below. The Yinnal tree is frequently associated with the Yinnal Vine of the Vissealvia Vinea species vissewort. The vine helps provide the support structure required by the branches to uphold the leaves. In return the tree provides the nutrients, water and structure the vine needs to grow. In its early life, the vine tendrils are flexible and are often woven into pathways and hanging structures by the Ynemn folk who dwell in the Yinnal canopy environment.

The Yinnal tree is monoecious. Both male and female flowers can be found on the same plant.
The fruit is massive and contains numerous arils. These fleshy covered seeds are much like those found in a pomegranate.

A Yinnal tree has been know to grow as much as 1 inch in diameter per year. A forest can increase its acreage by 25% per year. Of course like all growing things, age, as well as nurturing, plays a significant part in this growth. Rapid growth is noticeable early on in its dominant phase but trails off, becoming self suppressed as it becomes older and stable.

Leaves of gold:
The large leaves of the Yinnal tree are unique. A golden, densely haired leaf can grow up to 1 meter in diameter. They are extremely light but also very strong. The hair, which Emn grew to protect the leaves from the strong rays of the sun, can be harvested for a variety of things, much like cotton. The skin of the leaf, is a translucent gold, it is soft and pliable, often worn as outer garments. With or without the hair it is waterproof and breaths naturally. The garments made from Yinnal leaves are generally cloak or robe like due to the fact the leaves slowly dry and harden once disconnected from the tree. The leaf material could be tailored well but the life expectancy is so short that its hardly worth the trouble. Adorned with the hair on the inside, a garment looses some of its outward reflectivity but gains inward insulating properties. Complete camouflage cloaks are often made from the leaves skin. Against the backdrop of the canopy, one can melt into the vista unnoticed.
a form of transportation. see sunglide

Woody thorns:
They howl with ear splitting wrath, sharp as daggers with hollow tubes within that can dispense poison like a snakes bite.

Branch and Trunk

Sap: something druggish-alcoholish

2008-01-21 11:40 PM » Link: [4445#33912|text]

Riding the sun.
The Ynemn often use the sunglide attack. It is swift, dazzling and quick.
Open a sunwave and using the leaves glide down the rays of sunlight.

2008-01-22 12:13 AM » Link: [4445#33913|text]
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