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March 21, 2009, 7:54 pm

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Wheels of the Akh-Tzilmzil


Spools, disks, plugs, and other giant ear ornaments of a bygone age.

These bizarre artifacts, wagon-wheel sized, solid disks of bronze and jade, appearing as giant cymbals, each possessing intricately carved spokes and patterns of seemingly meaningless concentric circles and swirling spirals, have dumbfounded historians and sages for generations.

The wheels differ in size; ones anywhere from four to seven feet across have been found over the centuries. The strange designs differ slightly or more so from each wheel as well.

These items are relics from antiquity. That is agreed upon. No one to date however has surmised how these disks were once used or what they may have signified, much to anyone elses satisfaction. Most frustrating of all, they radiate a mild magic charge, yet no powers have yet been discovered by the few arcanalogists who have been able to examine one of these wheels at length.

In truth, they were merely the many discarded and buried ear spools of an antediluvian race of giants, who once eons ago, ruled the human lands, and whose civilization was wiped out long before the human races even kept track of history. These giants particular societal traditions and vanities included the wearing of ear-spools, not unlike some Amazonian or Central American native tribes of our world do to this day. Slits were cut into the lobes of the ears, and engraved and stylized bronze and jade plugs or disks were fitted into the holes, causing the lobes to stretch expand greatly over time.

As in the mentioned cultures, these antediluvian giants wore the disks as jewelry, often using them as symbols of societal status. It should be noted also that these were no hill or stone giants, but a progenitor race of behemoths, some towering eighty or even a hundred feet into the air. Their earlobes therefore stretched over many years, could indeed become obscenely large, and quite able to hold huge decorative objects in their fleshy grasps. Few human texts today if any, even mention these gargantuan beings, and they are almost forgotten to history, not to mention the knowledge of what might have passed for jewelry back in their day.

There are those convinced however, that the Wheels of Akh-Tzilmzil are something else entirely. And this is how in fact these mysterious objects acquired their modern names. Legends speak of this Akh-Tzilmzil, the Great Destroyer, a demonic being asleep for eons. It is written in foul texts, that Akh-Tzilmzil will return one day, when the sixty four wheels of his magical chariot are found. The chariot itself was long ago destroyed, but the same ancient, foul texts speak of it in awe, claiming that the juggernaut blotted out the sun as it rolled, and was drawn by sixteen dire bison, huge undead beasts, with matted, rotted fur clinging in grotesque clumps along their blackened spines. It is written in apocryphal scrolls that this great chariot, the Akh-Tzilmzil, was a machine of doom, and obliterated the great walled cities of men, as it crashed into them, leaving the inhabitants helpless to stop the ravenous hordes of the Sleeping Demons minions from descending upon them. It is believed by some erroneously, that the ear ornaments of the ancient giants are in fact the wheels of this erstwhile chariot, and that if the mighty thing was built once more, and the many wheels, scattered about the world re-assembled, no force could then withstand the rider of the Akh-Tzilmzil.

So there are those to this day, who search the globe for the sixty-four "wheels", at the behest of dark masters, and there are those who seek the materials to rebuild the fearsome weapon of destruction itself.

Maddeningly, (to sages and others), the wheels do radiate with slight magic vibration if detected for, however they possess no known powers.

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September 21, 2012, 22:25
Is this too long to be a stub? Too boring to be a sub? Both? :-)

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