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December 8, 2006, 8:54 am

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Vel Scurra


The source for Exile’s Vel Scurra Campaign

A Visitor’s Guide to the Boroughs of Vel Scurra

By Ginger Tullinose

Vel Scurra.  The very name conjures up exotic images like the great Malcavas Clock, Black Wall, the iridescent and ubiquitous wind candles, and Sharn’s Hope.  It instantly brings to mind veiled Pacovi warriors, graceful Arapawa acrobats, dignified Haunna priests, and silly, pirouetting Harpies.  The city inspires patriotic pride in the hearts of all citizens of the Erathian Empire, as it stands defiant in the face of the Dracaneian armies of the North.  The history of Vel Scurra has been documented for five hundred years by imperial scholars, but these learned men also know that that the city has existed for at least a thousand years or more.  From the ruins of the many cultures that once lived upon this gray limestone plateau, many great wonders have surfaced, such as steam technology, the jack cortex, and the volatile yet mysterious element mercurial.  All of this and more bursts from the seams of this dynamic city of some eighty distinctive neighborhoods.  It is my honor and duty to guide you through the streets of both the greatest and the most weary boroughs of this great city.

It is here that I hope to gather the scattered notes of my campaign into at single entity. I generally write with the player character’s in mind, but will try and alter that to allow the citizens of the Citadel greater access. Hopefully here you can find the answers, eventually, to the many unanswered questions left behind in my posts.

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The Malcavas By: Exile ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Any

In fear, the families fled from the paths into the darkest lands of their despair. When the darkness changed to gray, they returned to the world with new hope.

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The Star of Eleuthisa By: Exile ( Items ) Other - Magical

It sparked with life bathing the room in a serine blue glow almost like I was drifting below the waves of Hâ??roon Bay.

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